Durianriders back on YouTube!

What a great day! Just checked my YouTube news feed and what do I see?!


Pretty pumped to see Harley's channel back up with all of his videos still in tact. Must've been thanks to everybody's help! It's been a rough couple weeks :). 

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  • i know durianriders is back,  will you get durianrider back as well??

  • Congrats!! We did it! Yay to successful petitioning!

  • Excellent stuff.

  • So glad to have access to all the old videos!  You're a good man DR.

  • Awesome news!

    This really makes my week!

  • Are all of his videos & views replenished? Did YouTube restore them?

    I'm on my school's computer so I can't check right now, lol.

  • great ! more success for DR then ever 

  • My respect for DR has gone way up during this episode. After his channel was removed I wondered what's gonna happen.. and then DR made some of his best videos ever to his new channels. He seems like a down-to-earth genuine guy who doesn't care about money and just wants to help people not get scammed. Many people here including myself used to do raw dairy, superfoods and supplements and wasted money that could've been better spent on just fruit+veg :)

    DR is also the guy who inspired me to start road cycling.

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