Eating an investment of time and money

Hi community, I have an inquiry about HCRV eating and I always get lots of great responses here when I post, thank you all so kindly.

My first issue is that I spend about six hours/day preparing and eating food. Here I have some samples of how I eat over a day (during this time of year, in Maine). I am a bit compulsive so I eat most things either 1, 2, or a dozen at a time. This hasn't really gotten in the way too much, in fact it often gets me to eat more, which I usually should.

Sample day 1: bkfst: 2l H2O, 12 oranges. lunch: 2l H2O, 12 apples. dinner: 1 pound spinach, 1 cucumber, 2 tomatoes

Day 2: bkfst: 2l H2O, 12 apples. lunch: 2l H2O, 1 pound dates. dinner: 1 pound lettuce, 1 cucumber, 1 medium head celery

Day 3: bkfst: 2l H2O, 12 oranges. lunch: 2l H2O, 12 bananas. dinner: 4oz blueberries, 1 pound arugula, 1 young coconut (water+fat)

It takes me a long time to eat all that food. It takes about 75 minutes for me to peel and eat 12 oranges, about 3 hours to eat 12 apples, around 2.5 hours to prepare and eat those salads, and about 60 minutes to eat a pound of dates, and maybe 65 minutes to eat 12 bananas. And about 20min to drink 2l H2O.

Thus we're looking at 5 hours at the very least spent preparing and eating food in day, but I can easily hit 7. That's a lot of time for someone looking to spend time meditating, lifting, stretching, reading and writing, and soon (I hope) to be working full time, and especially spending time with the people I love dearly. And oh yeah... sleeping.

I greatly prefer to eat everything whole. Also, I prefer to eat as juicy as possible, which is one reason there are so few dense fruits like dates listed up there. I guess what I'm looking for is some opinions on how long people think should be spent eating in a day, what you do to save time, or just some support in continuing to live this lifestyle. I FEEL SO AMAZING so I hesitate to look for quick solutions like incorporating dense, cooked foods like rice+potatoes. 

Also... I eat everything organic. I would just eat more dates since I can get hella more calories in less preparing+chewing time, but there are very few options for organic dates around here, and the sites I know of only ship dates during the good season. 

Remember if you eat massive salads you have to finish eating at least a couple hours before bed. Otherwise, you'll be digesting and not really sleeping. That puts more time strain on me, as I have to start thinking about dinner around 5. But I'm usually just barely finished digesting lunch at that point! I spend the beginning of the day doing yoga and in general don't get to breakfast until around 10. Not to mention, certain breakfasts take me a couple hours to eat, and then another hour or more to digest. That often puts lunch at around 2 or 3, which can put me eating lunch right up until dinner time starts! I live like a king right now because someone else is supporting me but it won't last forever.

By the way, I don't drink water before dinner because drinking it that close to bed time makes me pee all night, and I mean all night. Not that the salad doesn't already make me empty my life into the toilet in a big way...

Last issue but not least, I am easily hitting $250/week at the very least when I eat this way (lots of juiciness, huge salads, all organic, no wholesale markets for many hours around). This is fun while it lasts but... Frankly, it can't last. Not until I win the lottery at least ;) I'm in Maine now, but I am looking for a job in California (where I just graduated from college w/ a cognitive science bachelors), if anyone has any ideas for someone who aspires to be a wellness/weight loss/healing consultant.

You're all so beautiful and helpful, thanks for your ideas and support! 

Many thanks again and again to DR and Freelee... I owe plenty of my appearance and my divine experience to their advice and support over the years.


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  • Use the 'dirty dozen' and 'clean fifteen' to determine which fruits and veggies are more important to get organic -

    • Check out: -a huge improvement over the dirty dozen or clean fifteen.

      • Yes, if you want to look up everything individually and know all the details, there are other services.

        But if you want a quick list to memorize for basic shopping or starting out, the dirty dozen is a good start.

  • 75 minutes to peel 12 oranges? IsThisRealLife!? 

    That's more than 6 minutes to peel a single orange! WOW! You really need to improve your peeling skills :)

    • He said 75 minutes to peel and eat 12 oranges. I wonder how much time that should cost. I am in my third week of eating 80/10/10 diet (although first week was only fruit) and I will check how long I take to eat 12 oranges. I was reading things on the internet while peeling/eating and I read that you should just be focused on eating. I remember that it took me a lot of time to peel and eat 12 oranges. Quite possible also around 75 minutes. The next time I will not do anything else though so just put my whole attention to peeling and eating.

      I find it difficult to peel an orange if I don't start off with making 2 circle incisions at 90% angle after which I then can peel of the orange in four parts. It is a bit messy as it works best if I make the incision that deep that I have cut a little the orange flesh itself so that it starts dripping while taking the peel off in 4 parts. If I don't make the incision deep enough I find that it takes me a lot more time to take the peel off in neat 4 whole parts. If I do it right, I find that I can very quickly peel one orange but I have to use a knive for that in the right way with the 2 circel incisions.

      • Well, I don't think it would take me more than 1-2 minutes to peel a single orange, so that would be, let's say, ~15-20 mins tops, and maybe another 15-20 minutes to eat them, if I did it slowly. Total = 30-40 mins. I don't understand how 75 mins is is possible.

        • Let the peeling-olympics begin!

  • I have invested a great deal of time and money transitioning to this lifestyle, and I know that it is a good investment because I have probably added at least 10 years to my lifespan by improving my diet, if not longer. 

    The "time" you invest into your health is "free time" because it adds to your lifespan. Remind yourself of that the next time you are at the gym trying to hit a tough goal.

  • Great topic. I am struggling with the same issues of time management. As for finances: I live in the Netherlands and I expect to spend 400 euro per month using supermarkets and buying that which is on offer and buying only conventional and focus a little bit more on 1 euro/kilo fruits like some bananas/apples/oranges can be, but even these 3 fruits can have higher prices going to 2 euro/kilo. Depending on the kind of apple it can be over 2 euro/kilo even. I last was able to buy strawberries for 2 euro/500 gram so 4 euro per kilo. I was also able to buy cherries for 2.29 euro/500 gram so 4.58/kilo and it was delightful to eat 1 kilo of cherries for a meal and realize that my meal price was 4.58. I could spend 4.58 euro on 3 meals per day as that would come to 412 euro so that most days would be 4.58 euro per meal with 3 meals a day. The problem is though that with more kcal then I take now (2000-3000) the price per meal would also go up and then I would have to focus more on the cheaper fruits in the 1 euro/kilo range and the fruits after that in the 2 euro/kilo ranges like pears and plums and clementines and melons and peaches and grapes and maybe a few others. Of those only pears are most of the time in the 2 euro/kilo range. All the other mentioned fruits in this 2 euro range can only be found for that price when they are on offer. That works though to wait until they are on offer. Thanks for everybody who has responded to this topic as there are several encouraging things written as for the time management aspect and that it doesn't have to be 6-7 hours per day of eating/preparing. I am in my 3e week now and I eat 2000 to 3000kcal and I can eat 12 bananas in 30-40 minutes I think. That's totally fine. Apples indeed take a lot of time. 12 oranges peeling 1, eating 1, peeling 1 eating 1 takes also a lot of time. I have though more reason now to believe that somehow the time spent on actually eating will go down to a manageable level. Thanks for all comments.

  • Hey, great post.  I feel ya on this one.  One thing I wanted to comment on is the idea that we have to stop eating a few hours ahead of going to bed.  I too believed this to be true, and adhered to this principle for several years.  But then, I started experimenting with eating closer to bed time, and saw no negative effects.  I now no longer feel the need to stop eating several hours ahead of sleep time.  I don't see animals in nature following this principle, I don't see babies adhering to this principle, and I feel just fine when eating meals about an hour (or sometimes less) before bedtime.  And it makes it easier for me to get the needed calories.

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