eating out & fresh fruits???

i was wondering how do you guys have a raw fruity meal when you're out?? do u bring loadsssss of bananans/fruits with u or blend it in a smoothie? or do u eat like salads? i dont want to look weird by bringing hell loads of would the banana smoothie turn bad if you pre make it and drink it hours later??

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  • You'll just have to accept that you will stick out socially in a number of situations.

    I don't leave the house without at least 10 bananas sometimes 20.  And I don't really give a f#@! what anyone thinks about anything.

  • When I'm out I usually go to a greengrocers or a supermarket to buy fruit. I tend to buy whatever fruit is easy to grab and eat or grab-peel-eat (no melons, mangoes, etc.). Generally it's bananas/apples/grapes/figs/persimmons or something like that.

    I don't mind people seeing how I eat 6-10+ bananas in a sitting. 

  • ahh thankyou! why do they turn dark though? bc oxidation?
  • i usually bring fruit, depending on the season could be apples, peaches etc maybe even a melon :) smoothie will turn brown after about 3 hours, but it will still be edible (not as tasty as it is when it's fresh but still fine) just try to keep it refrigerated as long as possible  

  • would the bananas turn bad? because i remember making a banana smoothie and putting it in the fridge for 1 hour when the color turned to a deep brownish cokor and i didnt dare drinking it...
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