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Hi guys. Just wasn't sure about marketing my ebooks here. Are there any rules/restrictions about this? It will be for sale on kindle in about a week and promotes hcrv and veganism. It's called:

"How To Be A Vegan In A Meat Eater's World - The Vegan's Guide To Thriving and Surviving"

I'm attaching my final draft copy.




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  • Best way to market one self is via youtube.

    If you are not on youtube then you are missing out big time.

    • speaking of marketing , do the ebooks have affiliate programs ? if not why not ? i wanna spread the message via your ebooks? rather than affilaite for suspect products i know i agree with your ebooks, getting other people to push your book cant be a bad thing.

      • wasn't sure if you're addressing me or DR but could you elaborate a bit more? Do you mean selling a related product within my books? or using my books as an affiliate product like on clickbank?

        • yeah i was addressing DR and yeah like a clickbank product :)

    • thanks for the tip, I'm on there:) on my way.

      Happy Holidays!!

  • Just let me know when it's ready, a mini title and appropriate link, and we'll load it in.

    • Hey, WL, I am just noticing this!! Hope all is well with you and you are ready for Holiday fun. Things are going well, I have a good start to my online business, a foundation and a starting point, anyway.

      Here's the link to that vegan book, hope the title isn't too long! It does promote 80/10/10, 30Bad, cronometer, etc:)

      Title: "Vegan: How To Be A Vegan In A Meateater's World"


      Thanks and see you on the infinity thread.

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