every time I eat mangoes I feel ill

If I eat mangoes often (and even a few ones ) I start to feel very very toxis . My liver hurts , tissues hurts, and feel like getting sick. Some years ago I got very toxis after eating many of them- I was in bed very long , my stomac hurted a lot liver hurted and was toxis(higher liver count). took me nearly half a year to get over it and get my stomac totally fine. I through up , dirrea etc . I never thought it could be the mangoes so I just continued to eat them until it was toooo late and I was very very ill and close to go to the hospital. ... and now on 811 I just experienced a little similar with the honey mangoes from Pakistan. I saved my health this time becouse I was aware of the symptoms . they only lasted some days but definetely toxis symptoms.A friend of mine told me that many mangoes is sprayed with toxis stuff .I feel I tolerate the organic ones okay but haven´t dare to eat too many of them . Also I have heard that some mangoes have some natural "poison" in them you can be allergical too?Just curious how your experience that becouse mangoes are so lovely and I know many of you eat a LOT of them. I am very food sensitive and also if I eat non organic berries for days I feel a little the same toxis symptoms but mangoes are the worse for me ....there are so many fruits I can´t get organic here in Denmark but now I am very aware of all the poison that is in non organic fruits when you can get so ill of it . me beeing more sensitive do not makes it easier but everybody assimilate these poisons and definetely not healthyI am also worried about traveling to places whee there is no organic fruits . ... but melons seem to be fine I think .

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  • Thanks Swayze . I have heard this about the reaction can be like you react to poison in ivy and thought it might be that . Even if I wash them it can be a problem . I mono eat mangoes and also try to get them as ripe as possible but will try washing them even better :-)
  • Thanks - that makes sence Rawgreengoddess. I didn´t know this about heat treated mangoes and even the organic one
  • Mucus is simply undigested food,not avilable to the boy.cause by over eating(even of one food),but more importantly by eating combined meals.This is the reson why nuts and seeds should be sprouted and food is better raw,it has a chemical composition more available to the body.Nuts and all seeds are in stasis (Hybernation) until ready to sprout and grow.This means the protein chains are long,and enzymes are locked up. has a very hard time breaking this down.The digestive enzymes of our bodyUpon sprouting,proteins break down into available amino acids,and enzymes activate..The biggest myth around is the protein myth.Much better to have a body that recycles the small amounts of protein found in fruits,rather than one which just burns and eliminates .And the biggest eliminativeorgan of the body is the skin. Now do we start to see why there are so many dieases of the skin -and colonic disease are on the rise. Protein makes people aggressive.This is an example of how food ties into behaviour.
  • Hello Isabella,
    Two things to say here..Mangos are one of the most intense cleansing foods there are.Will commonly give people boils and other detox symtoms which u have..Some people are "allergic" to them,which simply means your body's enzymes and make up is programmed for different foods.changing a body metabolism is not always done in one lifetime,you could be dealing with inherited karma(some say genetics) from previous generations. Second-Why do fruits have skins? Nature has wrapped them so u eat what is inside! Tip don't ever eat the skin- even if edible- if u don't know where it has been.Skins tend to be where the poisons are, so intuitive animals will leave the fruit alone until mature.This is not for your benefit,this is so the plant will reproduce and prosper.We are only here to serve the plant world,ever thought about that? lol And I should say that you are eating a fruit a long way from its natural enviroment,there is a lot to be said about the philosophy of that..And your Mango would have been picked sooo green to get to u.They don't ripen properly off the tree.All fruit is the same.Yep,even bananas
  • I've been eating mangoes at every meal for weeks now. Don't know what to tell you... I do know that the sap people are talking about is Urushiol, which is also found in the resin of cashew shells.
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