Facial brushing damage?


does anyone know if facial brushing can damage skin and whether this damage can be reversed with High carb low fat raw vegan diet?

My skin was lovely and since ive dry brushed my face my face now has broken capillaries?

Has anyone had good results dry brushing their face?

Would really appreciate any advice


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  • I remember being told never to dry brush the face because it could scratch the delicate skin. I am not sure if it could cause broken capillaries. A raw vegan diet is very healing and some people have reported old scars healing on the skin so it may help. If you go to the top of this page and click on 'Testify!' you can read some testimonials.  Also do a google search 30bananasaday.com + subject and there are many great discussions on many topics, the skin, dry brushing, etc.

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