fat soluble vitamins anyone?

i know that vitamins a, d, e, & k are fat soluble and we need fat to digest them, but does anyone know how much we need? is it possible to correctly absorb these vitamins when on a 95-5-5 or 80-10-10?
just curious :)

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  • Fat soluble vitamins require special fat molecules called chylomicrons to be absorbed with them into the lymphatic system prior to entering the blood. Once they do enter the bloodstream, proteins are needed to carry them through the blood vessels. Because excess amounts are stored in the fatty tissue, it is possible to accumulate such large doses that these fat soluble vitamins can become toxic. They do not need to be consumed each day due to the fact that they are stored in the body.

    Chylomicrons are lipoprotein particles that consist of triglycerides (85-92%), phospholipids (6-12%), cholesterol (1-3%) and proteins (1-2%).[1] They transport dietary lipids from the intestines to other locations in the body. Chylomicrons are one of the five major groups of lipoproteins (chylomicrons, VLDL, IDL, LDL, HDL) that enable fats and cholesterol to move within the water-based solution of the bloodstream.

    Chylomicrons are created by the absorptive cells of the small intestine, known as enterocytes.


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    Daily Requirements Function Example Source(s)
    Vitamin A 1000 mcg for men, 800 mcg for women Proper development of teeth and bones, proper working of immune system, proper development and functioning of vision especially in dim light, maintenance of healthy skin, hair and gums Carrots,  leafy greens (such as spinach, kale, collards), red peppers
    Vitamin D 5 mcg (up to age 50) Maintain calcium levels in the blood (this vitamin is extremely important in conjunction with calcium to prevent bone loss) Sunlight
    Vitamin E 15 mg Key in functioning and protection of membranes around cells in the body mangoes
    Vitamin K 90 mcg for women, 120 mcg for men Plays a major role in creation of proteins necessary for blood clotting Green leafy vegetables
    • Hey Teri thanks for the reply! Also must say your videos rock. Also working in IT and for Accenture also rock!

      So the body seems to have a method in the intestines to absorb the fat soluble vitamins? The more I learn from reading and also my own experiences the more I see that the body is quite capable of getting the "vegan deficient nutrients". Myself for example had my B-12 surge in 3 weeks from just going to raw fruit and veges.

  • It makes sense that the fat soluble vitamins are stored in the fat of the plant you are eating. So therefore you get the fat you need to absorb the vitamin because they were stored in the fat in the plant.

    I also have heard that Vitamin K is produced by bacteria in the gut as well.

    I also think that DG and others tend to have heaps of veges(great sources of A, E and K) with some fats at the end of the day to ensure all is absorbed.

  • That's a good question, and I've also always been pondering a similar :)
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