Feeling Awesome Today

So I'm not going to lie the first few days were rough!  Bad headaches, tiredness, restless sleeps, you name it.  I have been a whole food plant based vegan for many years, but was addicted to cooked dinners.  Yummy steamed veggies, baked potatoes. . .ok so you get it.  During the day I am fine on raw but at night, a whole different story.  I have dabbled in fully raw a few times but my triggers would flair up. . .caving salty organic seaweed, craving crunchy baked veggies and I would start having these detox symptoms and cave in.  This time though, I have toughed it out.  Last night I almost broke and so I thought, no I am just going to bed.  Well this morning I woke up feeling fantastic!  Having that raw "high" a lot of you guys have described.  Even the other day, I told my partner I'm just not feeling that Alive Feeling that people describe when they go raw and I almost convinced myself to go back to raw till 4.  I am so glad I didn't and so glad Freelee turned this into a challenge - cause I love rising to an occasion.  I feel so great today and I thanked you Freelee while I was driving home and all alone, because I just felt incredible.  I have to say, no headaches today, sleeping much better and the salt cravings are not calling me this evening.  I guess I am writing this to say "hang in there" if you are struggling, maybe tomorrow is the day you finally detox and feel the rush of being fully raw; I started Dec 31 and today is the first real day I feel just awesome.

thanks Freelee :-)

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  • Thanks Nicole, it was a post from the heart!  I'm still feeling fantastic today.  I have tried to order raw organic seaweed from a company that ships to Canada from the States, but they are always sold out, so I usually resort to an organic company I can get here but it's toasted seaweed, so not raw.  I read your profile and we are very similar in many ways.  I'm not sure about you, but when I tell people my age and they figure out I have adult children they are utterly in shock!  I too love the sunshine.  I could be a sun chaser jotting around the globe to wherever it's sunniest eating watermelon until my heart's content. . .but alas I'm stuck in cold, cold Canada.  Next time you sit under your jackfruit tree send some sunshine rays, love and light my way!  Many blessings to you :-)

    • Thank-you darlin'...I will send plenty of love your way :) <3 Glad you are feeling great! My daughter is 27 on Monday...bloody hell! :'D And yeah...I worked in a busy caravan park last year and when I told the patrons the ages of my kids, they would look at me sideways with this look on their faces as if I was lying :'D Haha...I guess that was compliments ;) 

  • What a beautiful post Bella :D <3 I buy raw organic seaweed from Gold Mine that is so superior to all other seaweed I have tried...expensive but so worth it :) I know what you mean about the detox symptoms! Woah :'( As soon as I drop my salad in the evening and go all fruit...the headache next day is so debilitating...sore muscles and joints and stiffness...happens every time...just goes to show that we are probably doing loads better on those salads than a cooked vegan dinner but it is still holding us back from cleaning out and healing...that's where the all fruit comes in :D <3 

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