Fermented food is a source of B12?

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The question is can fruitarians take fermented food such as saurkraut on a regular basis? I personally love it. Also I make sauerkraut without salt or other harmful substances. Recently I saw few articles about that there is even a bit of B12 in sauerkraut - vitamin the fruitarians lack most (allegedly).

So do you eat fermented food? Or there is some risk I don't know about?

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  • organic chlorella is good source of b12 too.

    • Thanks for your reply! But algae is not fermented food right?

      • na it's raw but still has it. seaweed has some too along with necessary iodine.  but don't overdue it with like kelp/kombu.  raw organik, fermented foods like kraut, kimchi,  natto,  is good for vit k 2 which most people don't get enough of.

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