Fiction titles with vegan main characters.

Hello friends. In additon to enjoying hclfrv/vegan reference books, I am an avid reader of fiction and have found it annoying when the only vegan characters in books are depicted as unhealthy weirdos, eating unappetising food! Recently I did a search for books with vegan characters and came up with this short list.

I found one of the above books through my online library and have it on hold. Do any of you have names of other fiction books you would recommend? ...and of course fiction books with characters eating raw would be fabulous, but perhaps they are yet to be written. 

(If this post doesn't follow site guidelines, let me know.)


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  • Hi! 

    Actually, I didn't think about it. Most likely, I read such books, but did not focus on how the author and other characters feel about a vegetarian. I'll be more careful, maybe I'll add to this list!
    Thanks for the interesting post!

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