First Grocery Haul...thoughts?

8372336065?profile=RESIZE_710xHello everyone :) super excited about this challenge. I'm eating my breakfast now of half a honeydew...(might eat the other half) but this is what I got today. I'm thinking it'll last me hopefully three days (until I get more money). I also have quite a bit of greens not in the picture but are there any other fruits and veggies you guys recommend? Sadly these bananas are not ready yet 😔 but they were the yellowest I could find! 

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  • Bananas will be your best friend and you'll need LOTS of them! If you can buy them by the case, that might save you some money. I buy the organic ones when possible and as they ripen, I freeze them. You can freeze them with the peels on if you want to, and then put them in a bowl of water water for about 5 minutes or so and the peels with slip off and they can go in your smoothies or you can make nice cream with them. Bananas are really a staple and you can't have too many!

    • That's awesome! Thank you for the tip about freezing the bananas in the peel, that was my fear that I would buy too many and they would rot but as I was logging in food yesterday into Cronometer I realized I'm going need a lot more! Thank you for the advice :) 

  • that fruit looks good, but that is not gonna be a good amount of calories for you if that's all your eating. You are way under eating if thats all you will eat in 3 days! 

    • I realized that as I was logging it on Cronometer 😔 I'm gonna do the backup rice and potatoes for dinner until I get more money in two days. :/

  • I agree with Shaun, dates are a great power punch when it comes to calories.

  • Looks good but i would try buy in bulk if possible.  Also invest in some dates as they are good for calories, make sure not undereating :)

    • Yeah I plan to go buy some more in bulk in a few days, and I completely forgot about dates! Thanks for the advice! 😊

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