That was exhelierating. I thought it would be incredibly painful but I felt nothing!

My B12 levels two years ago were 250, I supplemented with a spray and got them tested last year.. they were 260. Wow. So I upped the dose and got them tested last month and they were 270. Geeze. They were raising as snails pace! So I thought, eff this and bought a vile of B12 and some needles from Trim Nutrition.

I was really scared an anxious about sticking a needle in my leg, but I did my research and reassured myself. I did it yesterday afternoon and I feel better already! I have to inject myself twice a week with 1cc of B12 for 15 weeks. I'll get another B12 test after those 15 weeks are over and update everyone on my levels.

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  • Yeah Tony,  this intrigues me.  I saw an interview with DR and he said that though he's began b12 injections and has continued since but he did not feel any different in physical performance.  Though he did see changes in his blood tests.  I also think of millions of Indians that live as vegetarians and do not supplement with b12.  I need to read the book DR recommended on this but I'm a bit skeptical.  Though I've been vegetarian for over 20 years i have had products with b12 like protein bars.  Yes its finally sinking in that I don't need them but maybe I've been getting my b12 from them.  

  • Heather, I know soembody woh study medicine and she lives vegan too and say that its better to inject in the belly like diabetics , because in legs you can hit nerve paths.

    What do you mean with not safe ? The woman in the video didn´t search the point where to inject, I heart you can´ inject it in any point of your legs, you can hurt yourself.

    I could get 5 mg Methylcobalamin and 10 mg Adenosylcobalamin injections, I am not sure because its expensive, but if its help
  • Hi Heather,

    one question, how do you inject yourself into your leg ?

    I always injected in my belly.

  • First time I gave myself a shot I semi passed out. The room started spinning and my body flooded with sweat. I was so scared of needles. Then I realised that 5 year old kids inject emselves with insulin a few times a day so I HTFU and did it 10 mins later. Now Ive given so many shots to people to save em time and money from going to the docs.

    Only one person has fainted from fear of needles. Since then Ive learned to screen people by asking them if they are scared of needles and if so, I get em to lay down whilst I give the shot.

    Its amazing how we can overcome a fear based on nothing just by a choice in the moment.

  • 15 weeks at 2000mcg a week?? I know a lot of bodybuilders on the mainstream forums do 1000mcg shots daily but I feel that is excessive.

    I do a 1000mcg shot a month or so and my levels sit around 800-1400. 

    After the first shot your levels will jack up over 1500-2500 typically. 

    Protocol that seems to be most common is 1000mcg shot daily or every second day for a week.

    Then once a week for a month.

    Then once monthly or 3 monthly as needed.

    b12 is a very safe vitamin yet I can't see the point in using 2000mcg a week for 15 weeks straight.

    Keep it in the fridge btw.

    • So should I only do 1cc once a month then? That little vial will keep me for 30 months then.. and the expiration date is 5/19/2013. Does that date matter?  and I was told to keep the B12 out of the fridge because the cold temperatures kill the b12.

      Thanks for responding DR.

      • Another question, when should I get my levels tested to see how much my B12 has risen?

        • Still wondering..

          • Good job getting 'er done!

            You might want to check back with the company.  Unless they've changed their formulation some how, it seems significantly different than I remember. 

            I was told it has a realistic viable shelf life of only about 2 months from first prick.  And yes, they recommended the fridge; it came shipped cold didn't it?

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