hi everyone... 

so like freelee, every time she finishes a meal she gets a massive food baby, but in her video her stomach returns to the perfectly flat and toned state by the time she eats the next meal.

but ive noticed that the ONLY time that my stomach might look A BIT flatter is the moment i wake up, and after i down my breakfast the food baby comes out and does not goes away, not even until my next meal. so what happens is that the food baby enlarges everytime i eat something and by night time i look like im 6 months pregnant.

this is sooooo frustrating for me bc i look disgusting and i couldnt wear any clothings that may be SLIGHTly more tight.

does anyone have any ideas on how to improve this? or why does this happen?

i usually either have a banana smoothie or cocoa oatmeal for breakfast

apples/grapefruit for lunch

some more fruits for snack

and then a cooked meal in the evening

thanks in advance!

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  • your body is getting used to the volume/hydration/fiber

    took me like 6 months to get a flat stomach between meals.

    Cheers! Dont give up - this is a LIFESTYLE not a quickfix. 

  • I think your problem is food combining, starches should be eaten at dinner time only and no fruit after, when eating fruit make sure you combine those properly too, you should just try for mono meals for awhile and I bet that food baby will be gone in no time! :D
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