food forest inspiration

please share your food forest experience in image or text, the good and the bad as long it is inspiring (breaths life into).

one of our recent big picks of coconuts, at $5 per coco we are greatful that somebody in the past placed random coconuts(seeds) to grow on the land.

one coco palm comes from one seed and here one palm creates over 100 seeds (coconuts) per year, what a gift from nature and that somebody who placed it.


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  • small lawn converted to a triangular garden with figs, okra, naranjilla, egyptian spinach, tomatoes, chinese potatoes, perennial peanuts (pinto), pineapple and watermelon8753470659?profile=RESIZE_930x


    Maybe you have a lawn that could be converted?

    Cover the grass initially with mulch or sheets (paper, cardboard) to supress the grass, add  more mulch (5-15cm thick) and then plant seeds and plants into the soil bellow. As the garden matures the mulch will decompose and create fertile soil.
    Add mulch yearly to reduce weeds and futher increase the bio mass that will compost on site. With this method you do not need to prepare compost youself and spread it :)
    Simple and easy! Just make sure to plant in the soil and not in the mulch cover.

    Happy gardening :D
    • Nice!! I have some jackfruit and bowen mango trees to plant today :D 

  • Just picked a few abius from the of my favourite fruits along with rambutan! <3 8487363056?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • wow they look so good! and no fruit fly damage!! great


  • 8445975500?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • And some sweet home-grown pineapples! Can't be an easier thing to grow...plant the top in the groung...wait a year and pick a new pineapple! :'D <3 

      • yes agree :) so sweet too


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    • Feasting on home-grown Jackfruit :D <3

  • Ahhh nice one! I got home from work from the lychee farm the other day to a big bunch of young coconuts fallen from one of my trees from all the rain and weight. I was pretty stoked :D Got out my chopper and opened some up and made coconut water and pineapple (also home grown) delicious :D <3 

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