I guess this is a semi-rant ;-)

I was just sitting in bed with the sun shining in eating gooey dates (yes breakfast in bed) and started thinking....

One thing i've noticed over the years (since being a promoter of a high carb raw vegan lifestyle), is something interesting happens when certain folks/fans of ours fall off this lifestyle. They promptly go back to eating tortured animal bits and pieces (which is extremely saddening for me), and become bitter, resentful, develop a penchant to lie and basically all round HATEFUL of us :-/  Out of the blue WE are now responsible for how THEY feel. It's kinda like we suddenly have kids we didn't know about! I thought Durianriders vasectomy took care of that already! ;-O Please remember we aren't your parents, we are not responsible for the actions you take in life and promoting fruits and vegetables is NOT dangerous! Sigh…I won't lie, it IS disappointing. Durianrider, he is the MOST giving person I know, he loves nothing more than to see other people succeed in life and gives SO much of himself to increase the chance of this happening. His methods of helping some folks may not always make him popular BUT they are REAL and he is a very kind person with a heart of gold.

What I find ironic is the recommendations we gave these undercarbed folks WAS freely accepted (and met with unending gratitude) but is now deemed to be dangerous, irresponsible and unfair!! ( READ THE REST OF BLOG HERE



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  • lol BananaMan I'm stealing this one!

  • very nice!

  • Durianrider, he is the MOST giving person I know, he loves nothing more than to see other people succeed in life and gives SO much of himself to increase the chance of this happening.

    and you're not so bad yourself, freelee!

    when you have a good and honest thing going, there seem to be factions opposing it that sprout up here and there, much like those hallucinatory mushrooms that some people like to indulge in. these factions operate on the simple and desperate principle:

    "i can't be bothered to do it right, so i'll do you wrong."

    in their rather bizarre way, they acknowledge, through their own disgruntled ineptitude, your legitimacy.

    in friendship,


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts everyone :)

  • i stand tall as a full supporter, member and advocate of 30BAD... and i eat practically zero bananas per day.  i'm doing 811HF(LF)RV on an average of five bananas per week and virtually zero tomatoes. that's because i'm choosing to eat and not eat what i want to eat and don't want to eat.  at this point in california in the summertime, it's fun to explore the vast fruit options.  i also eat a lot of dates.  i just happened to lose interest in bananas at this exact juncture, but who cares?  i love you guys and come here to read and share.  Slander sites are such a waste of time and energy.  what astoundingly low levels of creativity and basic human decency, adding "sucks" to this site + group's name.  just don't do it, don't eat it, don't talk about it.  more productive to make a site for what one does believe in, instead of that which one aimlessly slanders. 

  • Don't let the "kidz" drag you down, guys!


    • oh haha very cute and this is a good visual example!

  • Great new name ! The Banana Girl is perfect : )

  • I wish they were my parents. I might have been better looking. ;) xx

  • It has been said that only half of the people will like what one does at one time, and half of the people will not like it.  

    And of course the other one,

    The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.  

    People see things they like, good health, slim, success, if they cannot have it, then they do not want others to have it either.  

    Peace, PK

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