'Why would you only eat fruit?' That's a question I get asked A LOT! Well this is why! Because before I changed my diet I was on the brink of death, gravely ill with celiac disease, severe food intolerances, and so many other health problems, and I was in pain all the time. Having changed to eating a raw fruit-based diet I am now healthy, strong, and amazingly happy! :)
That's why I only eat fruit. Lots of love to you all :) Esperanza xxx
For more info on my health story visit www.therawmonkey.com

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  • Amazing and again miracle! You are so beautiful now! 

    • Thank you Tonya! :)

  • Thank you so much Freshtival! :) xxx

  • marry me?

  • Im so happy that you got better :/

  • Wow! Amazing! Thanks for the testimony!


    • Thanks Danny! :)

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