Frozen fruit and veggies?

Hi i was just wondering whether eating frozen fruit that is defrosted is bad? Does it have less nutrients? And the same with veggies for dinner- it says they have been frozen within 24h of being picked so surely they are fresher?

Sorry im a newbee!

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  • I eat defrosted fruits and veggies all the time.  I just let them defrost at room temp and then eat them.  I believe that enzymes get damaged through cooking (heating). Of course if you can get access to fresh that's best, but if you live in colder climates like myself access to an abundance in the winter months is not easy - so frozen is the way to go.  I even freeze fresh ripe bananas all the time for my morning smoothies and fresh dried dates too.  So enjoy!

  • Frozen food actually retains nutrients where as fresh fruit for example loses them as time goes on, I'm sure if you eat your food when it's best ripe though there would not be an issue or massive comparison, don't worry.

    I peel and freeze my Nanas when they're ripe if I have too many ripe ones.
    I always buy frozen berries, perfect every time and they work in place of ice in my smoothies, 2 in 1 👍

    Just be careful with your frozen veg, I was putting frozen kale in smoothies, then I read the package and it said do not eat without boiling first so I guessed that means it's probably not washed thoroughly or something?

  • It's always better to eat it fresh but not always practical. Freezing is great for making smoothies, kale shakes etc. I always have frozen pineapple ready in the freezer for example. Use a small amount in the blender and put the rest back for another time. Berries will probably get used up before they expire so I usually just leave them in the fridge. 

  • Freezing is the kindest temperature treatment of food. It is something that occurs in nature all the time. Seeds beautifully survive freezing in the winter, and sprout joyfully in the spring time.

    The best preservative by far, slam dunk, is even freeze drying. Which even preserves color, taste and texture. And maybe even a big chuck of the foods vitality.

    So freezing does not fall into the category bad, in my book, at all. In fact it generally decelerates the effect time has on food, whereas heating accelerates it.
    It is not the exact same food as fresh, but not far away from it either.

    Jacob said it right :)

  • Eat them fresh when you can.

    Eat them frozen when you have to.

    Do not worry about this. 

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