Fruit Diet, too much fibre and hypothyroidism


Hi All, I tried all fruit diet some years ago, but didn't work out for me, years after, I realised the culprit is too much fibre, too much fibre  really disturbs my digestion and was permanently bloated (but this is just my digestion, does not apply to everyone),  especially the smoothies, they really triggered a horrible digestion reaction.... however I started to try juicing both fruit and greens, that was really good,  I actually took on minimum 2000 to 2500 calories daily in juice, but had great digestion and lost weight on it,  only then I realised the issue is to do with my digestion, its not able to cope with so much fibre, so  I experimented only with blending some greens into my juice, that was also ok, as long as I keep the fibre to low amounts.

I few years ago, I also gained something like 10kg without changing dietry habits ( but was not fruigivore when I gained, just vegan, and avoiding grains/gluten)  I didn't understand why,  I couldn't take the weight off whatever I tried, I was very frustrated, I  also had no energy at all, feeling tiered all the time, then I met a friend who happens to be  a Dr I spoke to her openly as other Drs just keep saying eat less, move more,  my Dr friend  encouraged me to come to her clinic to do some tests, my blood results came back, we realised I have developed hypothryiodism which explained the weight gain and the feeling of being tiered all the time.

Now knowing both my issues, inability to digest too much fibre, and  hypothroidism,  I am wondring if I can start a challenge to do some juicing and  maybe a low fibre fruit to eat as whole as a meal to supplement the juicing.  Any idea of lowest fibre fruit? according to goolge its melons

Also anyone here with hypothyriod and managed to lose weight on frugivore or any other variation ? 





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  • Hi, you can watch Dr. Robert Morse on youtube, just type in his name and Hyperthyroid on youtube and there will be a good video with lots of good info, hope that helps,

    Peace, love and fruit!

    • My apologies, he more than likely has one on hypothyroidism,  just type Dr.Robert Morse  and hypothyroid and you should get a video. Let me know if that works.

    • Thanks, am hypothyriod unfortunately not hyper !  Does he talk about that? 


      • I saw his video that came up with hypothyriod, it wasn't useful, he just expalined what it is in a very unscientific way,  but I already obviously knew what hypothyriod is, then he didn't say anything on how to cope with it,  he mentioned Dr will put you on meds, which am on...  

        In any case thanks so much for replying 

        • Hi, if you are interested in a herbal protocol combined with fruits,berries and melons, then you can call his office in Florida and they will consult with you to help you. You can Google Dr.Morse and get the phone number, it wouldn't hurt to talk to them and see what they have to say. Hope you feel and get well soon, Leon.

          • Thanks :) 

    • Gotta love Grandpa Morsey :D <3 

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