There is a website called woomba and you can type in anything and it will paint you AI art artificial intelligence art 🎨 I don't know maybe it searches the Internet or something I don't know but it's really interesting and you can make your own NF t's with this site too it's coming soon on the app . but you know what you can always download it. and then upload it upload it to your rarible or open 🌊 and I'm just telling you guys because a lot of people are doing NFT so why can't you and me Maybe freely have some NF t's and people love collections and I don't know look at this art anyway it has nothing to do with NA cheese they could just be drawings but you Could use these these are very very sexy fruits. 

 You do not have to pay any minting gas fees you can have the option for someone else to for it. I'm just saying it's permanent. and you own it and you know any money that gets set to it permanent  .and lots of people are making a lot of money with NF t's ..I'm just saying you guys gotta get into it it's etherium and you just get coin base or rainbow wallet and you have to you have to get the 2 apps for coin base The App that links to your bank and then the other one is the wallet and and you don't really need any money to start but if you wanna mint it yourself that's how you do it  .may be expensive..and I think to sign into these websites to sell your NFT.  .. you have to link it to your wallet.. which will be coinbase or whatever..metamask..and that has to be linked to your bank  I'm just letting you know because it's the coolest thing . I am not using woomba I'm just spreading the information I'm just selling my original paintings and drawings drawings as tokens.. i think it's a great idea for YOU GUYS..It's free...if buyer pays gas fees..on RARIBLE..a lot of people are making a lot.  but I'm just telling you with this website woomba you can make your NF t's... You can type in blueberry strawberry 🍒🍓🫐🥝🍑🍐🍏🍎all the fruits and every time it creates a unique picture. NFT stands for non fungable token. And be careful you are on the right sites.. Hi freelea

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  • I am not using woomba I'm just spreading the information I'm just selling my original paintings and drawings drawings as tokens

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  • Wow!

  • very cool suvine! that actually looks amazing. i know it's a bit quiet these days due to the social media forums take over but i'm going to give it another push today. love that you are still here after a decade or more!

  • Open sea 🌊  sorry. 

    • do you have a direct link to the site?


      • 10057441855?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • Starry ai app or woombo I think it's called. 

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