I want to be a 100% Fruitarian but my backup plan is raw vegan and here are some notes I written on my phone.



Would not it be nice to be a fruitarian in Thailand and be able to go to the fruit market and get a nice durian that smells so aromatic? Not all fruitarians or want to be fruitarians have that the jungle... for this diet.. it's best to live in the subtropics ..OR Tropics or even places like California and Texas but it can be done. in colder climates it's just really don't have any tree ripened fruit at all everything is sour from the store. When you go into the market. do you walk over to the raw meat, bags of Blood and Bones ..and say . I want to eat that ..or do you go to tree ripened fruit that's sugar sweet ..and carved and peeled for you.. like a pineapple? What would the baby want? The baby would want the peach and not the rabbit to eat. Pineapples in colder climate supermarkets are kind of either very sour or very rotten. Getting something tree ripened it's like liquid sunshine . And if you chose the meat.. do you eat it raw ..or do you have to cook it.. and if you cook it.. do you have to flavor it ..and call it something else? We call a cow..when we eat it.. beef.. but when we eat a pineapple we do not call it peef. Fruitarianists are purists they don't really want to hang around cooked food eaters .The does something to them. it changes them inside and it's optimal yes.. it's like the Supreme diet in their minds. and it feels really good. Sometimes they just don't want to be around people who eat cooked food even cooked vegans.. it's almost like the repellent pheromones come out. Politically there's division everywhere there's always a two-party system in everything. There's raw vegans who are high greens and raw vegans who are high fruit and boy do they fight with one another. There's old school raw vegans fighting with the new school raw vegans. The old school raw vegan say why don't you just make a raw vegan pizza instead of eating a bucket full of cucumbers and tomatoes. There's 811 fruitarians and then there's Gourmet cooked food fruitarians battling it out. 811 was invented by Doug Graham and he says you need 80% carbs 10% protein and 10% fat. His diet can be turned into something like raw til 4 too..  Doug is very charismatic and beloved and he's got many celebrity clients. The mainstream Health industry attacked him , tried to set him up as a international money Smuggler because he had a fasting retreat in Costa Rica.. and very suspicious happenings.. with this lawsuit where this woman said she almost died at his retreat. They tried to kill him too..his career. So many of these Pioneers have sold out or are dead. YES.. trolls and chills have destroyed the movements from within the forums. Yes. like they killed Ann Wigmore and blamed it on a fire. She was a Pioneer in raw foods a high greens High. Other Pioneers they bought their companies out and shelved them. They meaning the controllers those who passed into law that all almonds in the United States have to be pasteurized. 811 points out that you crave bread and cheese and meat and all that because you're not getting enough sweet fruit. You seek denser fattier things that would take really long to digest. With raw fruits that are tree ripened you are actually eating food cooked by sunshine and fresh air. Imagine getting a sack full of fresh tree ripe rambutans and finding somewhere to relax and do some ballet exercises and listening to the birds sing. If you eat a bag of chips you throw that bag on the ground and it does not decompose but if you eat a cantaloupe with some sprinkled spice on it you can throw the Rind out and it will be fertilizer and it will make the soil fluffy. And the seeds will grow. And if you eat raw seeds by accident.. and you go to the bathroom .your fertilizer will plant seeds everywhere. With fresh fruit there is no garbage. If you lived in a place like Malaysia you can just pick ripe Jackfruit off a tree anywhere you're going. Fruit is free.. it's free energy. Imagine where you can wake up when you could just pick some fresh lychees from a tree you can do that in Australia.. you can do that in Florida . and then you could go from your cabin.. pick out of 100 varieties of banana trees ..these are bananas you've never tried before... because you only know one that's in the supermarkets. A fruitarian meal could be a big giant bowl of tomatoes with some fresh greens and some fresh basil and you just eat the whole Bowl just like that ..and you get it off a farm. A very active bodybuilder can have 15 oranges and be satisfied. That would be called a mono meal. You do not need coffee to function. The fog needs to clear and you need the energy to talk to people. You need the right energy coming in. Imagine living in a place where mangoes are just falling off the trees in your backyard they're just all over the driveway ? Yes, fresh champagne mangoes right from the tree, sugar sweet! The best things in life are free and fruit is free and there's just so much of it and it's best to forage. Earn it. Instead of having cereal for breakfast you can just go to a melon farm and pick your own breakfast you can tell when the fruit melon is ripe because the stem is a little dried up and shriveled. You can eat watermelon with just your hands and it's sunny warm and very sweet. Finger Licking Good. I love using watermelon juice on my skin sometime if I have a bug bite or irritation ..scratch..I just put some watermelon and it's so Cooling and then I throw out the piece of watermelon. If you only have a food processor you can make a quick meal with a couple ripe bananas and half an avocado. If you have mint in your garden you can add that or you could add cinnamon many things dash of stevia ..You add water just like a smoothie and it won't blend but you'll get chunks of banana chunks of sweetness and it's kind of good.. throw some raisins in there ..nothing really gets chopped up enough .in a food processor that's like for poor raw vegans ..but it's better than nothing. Yes it's still edible in chunks. If you have bananas that are over ripe you can peel them and put them in the freezer and they are so yummy like ice cream. They slowly soften up. Banana and celery smoothie are both good combinations too. But you have to have a good blender for that. If you have a food processor that's okay you can eat it and it's just as good. Banana peels and other fruit garbage.. you don't want to mix it with regular paper or plastic garbage.. because it will attract flies and smell ..I think that's the point of composting.. is you want to separate the stuff.. that can be put back into the soil make your garden fluffy. A pile of compost will attract lots of worms and stuff which help make the soil light and Airy and not hard and desert like. A handful of raw almonds you have to make sure they are unpasteurized will hold you over.. if you don't have any raw fruits or veggies. They actually taste sweet. IF you're too poor to buy massive amounts OF me ..when where there's a will there's a way.. and you might not have the will.. if you don't have the way.. this is like a magical adventure.. things just fall into place! But it's good to have a bag of unpasteurized almonds around. If you have spare time you could always Sprout them 8 hours and clean water and they're very crispy and not so hard for your teeth. Fruitarianism for a lot of people is just about being happy and it pretty much can save a person from just about anything. You can get your fruit by volunteering at an organic farm and you will get lots of freebies and you can do things like bag spinach or peel mangoes in a shredder. I have seen Paul Nison eating a bag of spinach as if it were like potato chips. I watched a guy at a farmer's market by a head of romaine and sprinkled dulse powder all over it ..and just eat the Romaine head.. raw like that. These would be advanced raw fooders. Beginner raw fooders would have to make recipes using all five flavors for every dish to for it to taste really yummy. And if you're cooking for cooked food people you would have to make gourmet raw for them to be really impressed. Anywhere you go around the world there's fruit featured fruitarian.. raw vegan restaurants ..and places where you can go ..and it's just all Tropical Fruit markets ..and juices for example. No matter where you go ..on whatever vacation.. you can get beautiful raw vegan fresh fruitarian meals. I've taken a world tour decades ago and it's a very close community and everybody knows each other. Also across language barrier there are many beautiful books you can find that are not in the market in America or on Amazon. When you eat greens what you do is you pick it out of the dirt like a beautiful rocket lettuce or something you pick it up you cut the root off and you just check for bugs and then you eat it like that. If you do not eat salt it's best to eat greens because it will definitely give you the sodium and especially celery it will taste like potato chips. Once your tastes have changed. It's almost impossible to be depressed on a fruitarian diet's very hard.. but what happens is ..what doesn't serve you anymore.. you kind of slam the door on ..because there's just some things you can't bring with you.. and you can't attain your goals ..with this luggage you leave a lot of things behind ..and it takes you to places.. where you can get support for your goals. Basically fruit. kind of does the work for you ..and it's like magic ..I can't explain it ..but everything bad just disappears. Especially your benefits.. and how you look at your body.. and you have some sort of appeal ..when you look in the mirror ..that you really like.. what you see.. it's very unique and different feel this after a lifetime of cooked food eating. Surprises people. They feel better than they did as a teenager no matter what age. Animals and your pets also eat raw vegan food.. for example if you have a fresh bag of apricots and it gets smushed you can serve that to your dog. Of course this wouldn't be the dogs main diet ..but they'll eat avocados and bananas like crazy when it falls from the trees. If you have pet chickens or backyard birds .. they'll eat all of that food compost. People should be able to recycle their compost or actually give it to the farmer so they can use it as fertilizer.. if everybody did it ..there wouldn't be any chemical fertilizer or nitrogen shortages. What you do with a beautiful heirloom tomato is you just chop it up on a plate and beautiful slices Rose Red. If you're going to do mono meal watermelon a good amount would be two watermelons a day if you're active male. You eat half of one as a meal with a spoon. Spiralize beetroot with some zucchini and make a tomato sauce with fresh tomato and orange juice you can add in garden herbs. You can take a big leaf from your garden and make a wrap and put the noodles inside. You would need a blender to make the sauce but you can do it in a food processor.. I'm sure it'll just be chunky. Spices in the raw vegan world are very controversial but it's optimal not to have any processed ingredients that you can get in the pouch powder or can. It's possible to have the lifestyle without it but for many you know.. some spirulina.. Cajun seasoning on a salad ..or herbs like hing or cinnamon.. are ok to many. Especially if you go to a raw food potluck it's okay to try different things it's like a very special occasion and you can eat spicy garlic stuff or a salty raw tahini dressing. But if you eat dehydrated basil vs. a fresh basil sprig, you know that the flavor is vastly different. You can nit pick the several divisions of the community or you can see what you like best. Things like wheatgrass can give you an energy boost like a cappuccino .or E3 Live can give you a boost also.. Raw cacao will give you energy all night. Yes there's a bunch of SuperFood raw food ingredients.. that are there for very special occasions.. if they're there at all. Yes, you could have like, a full moon drumming party, with all sorts of raw vegan superfood smoothies. One can try exotic things like soaked goji berries and difference kinds of seaweeds. The sugar demon is real. Processed white sugar. It is an addiction. Fresh sugar cane juice is considered a grass and it's very refreshing and sweet and will not harm you like processed sugarcane will. Don't forget they bleach sugar and put chemicals in them. Two beautiful heads of lettuce the best you can find and a half a pound of dates in a brown bag that is a full meal. A box of spotty bananas, head of celery, bag of raisins, bag of oranges, and a giant watermelon ..can feed two people in one day. Fruitarians and raw vegans they sleep about 10 to 12 hours a day. If you ate cooked food you would not be able to do this as you'd be so dehydrated you would wake yourself up. Some fruitarians can sleep the only 3 to 5 hours so it really depends. But in my experience and the people I knew they slept 12 hours a day which is like Sunset to Sunrise. This is a specific phenomenon to raw veganism and fruitarianism cuz it's a high water diet so your body is not irritated in any way or over hot in bed. Raw fresh coconut milk is the best fresh milk that fruitarians drink and you can make a coconut cream with Thai coconuts by blending it up. Raw vegans use and make nut milk raw with a nut milk bag and a Vitamix blender but but you can also blend up hemp seeds with some water without straining and make a nice milk. A lot of people before almonds were mandatory pasteurized made raw almond milk themselves after they sprouted them. It is truly delicious and you should choose this over a box of silk or something. It is best to make juice in the morning and put it up in some glass jars some mason jars and you have like four to five jars of fresh juice everyday instead of having to make your refreshments every time. When you're too poor you can have some water with some Citrus squeezed in there a little bit and that's just as good as drinking sweet juicy drink. For other people..they take a splash of apple cider vinegar and a dash of agave syrup to make like a lemonade type drink. You can also make sun tea in the sun just take a jar of water and put in you know in organic tea bag and just sit it in the sun all day or some peppermint Sprigs or sliced oranges and cucumbers or sliced strawberries a fruit tea. Not having an alarm clock is something a lot of raw vegans have sworn to. Drinking water first thing in the morning is very important. You want to flush out everything that's been sitting overnight. And you want to be clean inside and it helps you with positive thoughts first thing in the morning. Breakfast take a beautiful Leaf of lettuce and wrap up a medjool date in it. Start chewing. Chimp burrito. Time saved. No dishes. Raw food purity is a nice thing Bananas and water is banana milk. You fill the blender completely with bananas ,and pulse it. Datorade is Waters and dates. Pureed Together. Banana and dates the entire blender full.. That is a 3000 calorie meal. Some raw vegans make sure they get a pound of Greens in one meal and Shred everything super fine and then cover it with the Thai coconut curry dressing and it's just Simply Delicious it's a good way to get your greens. Pumpkin seed has a great butter and you can mix it with some herbs like basil to make a creamy butter . You can make salads from all colors that you can think of. Someone made me a salad with a coconut oil dressing mixed half half with olive oil and it was absolutely delicious I ate it all. Finally chop fine every Green from cilantro to collard to Watercrest to cilantro.. I made a great salad dressing just using tahini dressing with blackberries and just a little water and it was so delicious. Hemp seeds tahini..garlic pumpkin limes and water. Vitamix only. Great dressing for finely chopped greens. Add some raisins for sweet. Finely diced exotic greens. Salt optional pink himalayan. Dates lime juice and any kind of nut.. with some water in the Vitamix will make such a good creamy salad dressing you can add salt or spice to that too and herbs. When making raw food recipes you want kind of want all the flavors in there like salty bitter sour sweet and Spice. If you mess up on a raw food recipe you can fix it easily by adding more of the other flavors to balance it. You two people can make the same raw food recipe and it'll turn out different each recipe is made to taste meaning you probably won't get it right the first time you have to adjust it several times to make it perfect. Totally a different type of cuisine. You cannot add salt at anything cucumber because it'll leave water all over your plate so for salt you can dehydrate celery and grind it up or you can use some seaweed or something like that or you can just put it on right before eating. You can make hemp seed tabuli with some lemon juice onion and cilantro.. lots and lots of parsley and cilantro marinated in it and tomatoes chopped up a whole Bowl. Rainbow salad with avocado lemon dressing. Raw vegan..sourdough bread raw version.. dehydrated lightly unleavened.. you would need a dehydrator for this. You can get a cheap one just make sure it can go under 115°. You can ferment ingredients a little bit if you want that little sour taste. Gazpacho with dehydrated tomatoes with fresh tomatoes basil dates lemon juice and it's like with cucumber juice or chops cucumber also but mostly it's like a tomato drink that's a little sour and salty. Chunks of cucumber and avocado do well. If you have a chocolate sapote ripe .if you mix it with some carob or some raw cacao. you can have some chocolate pudding. You can mix avocado with agave and some cacao and have a beautiful chocolate pudding that everybody will eat. Raw chocolate is controversial to fruitarians and stuff like that but in my experience many raw foodists have eaten. If you can get the raw purple beans that's good but most raw beans are a little bit fermented to get that strong chocolate. Carob powder is the way to go. Non stimulating. Don't forget most food like durians and organic food are all have to be pasteurized to be in the United States like flash pasteurized. It comes on the package that sticker. You can make a fruitarian salsa with the vegetable dicers that make little cubes.. you can put in strawberries equal amount mangoes bell peppers parsley/cilantro.. and a little lemon juice ..with some small diced onion. You can make tortilla chips dehydrated for one hour 145 and then after the one hour when the food sweats a little bit turn it down to 115 and it should be ready in a about four hours. Raw Cornmeal mixed with ground flaxseeds and then dehydrated cut into triangles. Strawberry basil lemonade is easy you chiffonade the basil add a cup of strawberry and the juice of two lemons and sweetener of choice like agave. You take a whole cantaloupe chop it up put it in a blender or food processor and a whole or half of peeled cucumber and you have gazpacho. Serve cold. If you have oranges like grapefruits and tangerines you can peel them all in a bowl and put pomegranate seeds all over it and it's a citrus salad you could add mint or whatever. .

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