fruitarians loosing their teeth?

over the years I have heard many times that some fruitarians have lost all their teeth by beeing fruitarians for years. Or had to get lots of dental work done.Now "newer" to 811 I was wondering why this has happend to some people ? could it be they eat too little not getting nutrition enough ?or too acid fruits ? no greens?. ... sooo I was wonder if anyone here know more about this ??.

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  • Thanks Luke ♥,
    Because if you brush your teeth after eating fruit, especially acidic ph fruit, the brushing can rub the fruit acid into the tooth's enamel. This may cause enamel erosion.

    L&P XX♥
    • Anne,

      would you recommend swishing your mouth with water after eating, just to gently remove particles and acids?
      • Hi Rebecca ♥,
        if you have issues with tooth enamel or you feel that the fruit you have just eaten is a bit under ripe or acidic and you can feel its acidity on your tooth enamel, then I would suggest maybe rinsing the mouth with water.
        I, personally, do not always rinse, unless I feel the fruit I have just eaten is a bit under ripe.
        I think if you are concerned about enamel erosion, it may be a good idea to rinse after eating, and also be super careful to get properly ripe fruit.
  • Hi Isabella,
    I think that a major issue with fruit eating and damage to teeth is the eating of under ripe fruit, especially citrus and the more ph acidic fruits.
    I have been on a fruit diet for 17 years and my teeth are good.
    My two children have both been raised on fruit diets.
    My elder boy has all his adult teeth and has never had a filling, he regularly sees a dentist.
    My younger boy has just started to get his first adult teeth come in and they look to be white and strong.

    I think it is very important, if eating a fruit or high fruit diet, to get great quality, perfectly ripe fruit.

    I personally know three people on fruitarian diets who have had tooth loss and enamel erosion; they all attribute this to the of eating under ripe fruit. Personally, I really try not to eat any under ripe fruit.

    I appreciate that teeth are an important part of how we look and how other people perceive us, and I think it must be very challenging to have serious dental issues.

    I have now been using Toothsoap for over a year; my teeth feel better for using it, cleaner and stronger somehow than when I was using 'natural' toothpaste. But whether this is down to stopping using toothpaste or whether it is due to the use of Toothsoap, I cannot say.
    I also floss daily.

    I also believe that teeth can act as channels of elimination.

    But the bottom line for me would have to be: eat only perfectly ripe fruit, clean teeth before and not after eating fruit (especially the more acidic fruit), rinse with water afterward if need be, and eat good quality fruit, grown with care in nutrient-rich soil.

    Love and Peaches ♥,
    from Anne XX.
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    • Thank you so much Anne :-)

      That is amazing to read also what you write about your kids teeth many childring have fillings already from very young - that only shows it has been good for you and them ..... sometimes I feel the need of only eating fruits that is why I was curious and perhaps worried about not doing the right thing :-)´
      .... greens is more difficult for me to digest in some way and I have read that we can´t break down the cellulose in leafy greens unless we juice or blend (wich is not so natural but proberbly good and easier to digest ?:-) ) .
      Good inspiration you are Anne becouse you have so many years of experience - me too like to use tooth soap. Do you brush every time before eating or only twice a day ?
      I try also to eat ripe fruits . I know you love oranges and can eat them for longer periodes how can you see if fully ripe - the taste should be sweet right ?
      are bananas also acid fruits - I eat lots of them now when transist
      pineapple I feel more acid also for all my mouth and teeth - even when very sweet ones
      • Thank you Wo Dao
        yes I use a pebberemint flavoured thooth soap - seem to be good :-)

        I think you are right with the elimination through teeth and mouth :-)
        • If you don't already know, maybe you'll find this interesting:
          I do this since a couple of months and my dentist was so surprised how well the hygiene was. It always was, but there was a noticeable difference.
          And it also gives more info what concerns elimination through teeth and mouth.
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          • sounds good . I actually tried that some years ago but only for very short time now I think I will try again especially it sounds good during detoxin
            Wich oil do you use Sita
            And do you also use Hydrogen peroxide? or only warm warter afterwards and when do you then brush your teeth
            • Sesame oil seems to be the best, although some say coconut oil. I tried both and prefer sesame oil. I buy the organic from Demeter, Akwarius (Netherlands). There is another brand which is not that good I've heard. So there are differences...
              Afterwards I rinse with warm water, brush my teeth (toothpaste) and then 'shower' with a water pick, so that all oil really is gone and doesn't mix with the fruit that I eat later. It works very well!
              • ... will try this becouse sometimes when I wake up in the morning I can feel that my mouth is dry and detoxing there :-)
                Why is sesame oil best ? do you think it takes out more toxines and do you also do all 20min......long time but proberbly worth it :-)
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