We are looking for someone really special to help our family for an agreed amount of hours per week in return for living with us, which includes food, board, WIFI and your own spacious room in our home on the edge of Brighton, UK. There maybe some payment too dependent on how many hours worked. We will be in Thailand for all / some of the winter, so duties during this time may change, we'll need someone who is willing to be flexible with us.

Most important of all, we need someone who is naturally HAPPY, FUN, EASY GOING and independent. Our children have a lot of energy (in particular our 4 year old) and they like to express themselves freely, which we encourage. We want to find someone who will allow them to be themselves and will follow their lead (not the other way round). The children are also being Un-schooled, so are around a lot. We are looking for someone who simply LOVES children and wont be offended if they come running into your room and try and jump on your bed, for example! :)

We are looking for someone to carry out the following jobs in our home:

- Playing with the children and being responsible enough to take them to some child-centered activities - so you must have child care experience and references

- Around 6 hrs of cleaning per week - so you must enjoy cleaning

- Making daily fresh juices for the family (usually an orange in the morning and green juice in the evening  (we have several juicers to help make things easier / quicker)

- Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy and putting the compost out in the garden

- Staying on top of the family's laundry

- Making food from time to time

- Doing any other jobs around the house that you see need doing, without having to be asked (for example wiping sticky hands or emptying a bin etc)

Use of initiative is key, so someone who is switched on is a must.

You don’t have to be 100% raw, although this would be warmly welcomed, but we do require a 100% vegan Fairy Goddess Helper for our home near Brighton and potentially Thailand too.


We are two parents with very busy lifestyles, we have two very high energy, hi-vibrational, hi-raw (mainly fruitarian) kids who are not in full time education/care. Leo is almost 4yrs (fruitarian and eats some plant based cooked vegan food) and Max is 1 yrs old (and eats mainly fruit).


We (the parents) are also high raw and 100% plant based so whoever joins us on our adventure will be happy to abstain from non plant based foods ie. Meat, dairy, refined sugar, eggs, fish, salt, gluten etc. Some cooked vegan food is okay from time to time, but we don't generally like anything other than baking potatoes, rice and lentils in the house as we need to think of setting the best example of health for the kids. If we eat out, we eat vegan. We need someone who has a healthy relationship with food and doesn't pass judgement if one of the kids wants a baked potato or something similar. We are very child-led, and encourage the children to eat fruit, but we don't force it on them, we lead by example and this generally works really well.

Access to town is easy as we have a bus stop at the top of our road and we hope appealing for anyone either looking to visit the UK (and be near London but not too ‘urban’) and near the sea, with a very alternative, healthy volume of people. Summers here are fantastic and as mentioned we are hoping to spend the Winter in Thailand with access to fresh, tropical fruits. And if your stay with us works out and you become part of the clan, you could be coming with us!


Looking forward to hearing from you, or please pass this link on if you think you may know someone it that may be interested.

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  • I would alo like to know if you're still looking for someone, because I'm really intrested

  • Are you still looking for someone?

  • This sounds amazing! I was wondering if you have filled this position? I'm a travelling Aussie with a youth mobility visa looking for work. I love creating raw meals and spending time with children. I'm available to commence work immediately :) Please let me know if I can send a resume or give you a call to discuss.
    Thank you!!

  • Oh and Thailand is the next country I want to visit after England. This job sounds so for me, I would love to be a part of your family but I know I won't be there by the end of May. But I'd love to keep in contact just in case something doesn't work out. Thank you so much!! *Fruity hugs*

    • Thanks...

      If you could also send me a CV ASAP if you're interested outlining all your Childcare and housekeeping experience, what you have to offer and why you think you would be the right person for us.

      Thank you xxx
      • Do I just send it to you via this website? I just added you as a friend because I can't send a private message to you unless we are friends.
        Thanks (:

  • I am from New Zealand and I have just received a UK working visa. I plan to come to the UK in September after the Woodstock fruit festival. I want to be an au pair but ir's been hard to find work. I have been a nanny part time for just under a year and this sounds so great, perfect for me. But you wanted someone to start this month right? Oh man haha . Well I hope you find someone. But if you need someone in September I'll be there so please contact me if you want :-). 

  • Hi there

    How long are you looking for someone? Are you just looking for someone who lives in the UK?

    Thanks :)

    • Hi,

      We are looking for at least until December. If we find someone really amazing we would be happy for that person to travel aboard with us from December onwards.

      No, the person doesn't need to be UK based, just truely great! :)

      Send me a CV ASAP if you're interested outlining all your Childcare and housekeeping experience, what you have to offer and why you think you would be the right person for us.

      Thank you xxx
      • Hi there

        Thanks for getting back with me. I would only be able to do it up until a few weeks into August because I have school. If this would work for you and we could work that out I would love to be a part of this opportunity. Also are you paying for the flights to from your location?

        Thank you

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