Gaining Muscle and Strength

No offense to any long term 811 people out there, but I haven't seen anyone really muscular except for one, mac danzig the ufc fighter. I have seen very lean and good results relating to endurance, but i haven't seen much muscle and size gain and that leads me to my questions on muscle. Is it possible to be big and i'm not talking like professional bodybuilder big but i'm not talking like toned and cut either while following 80/10/10. I want to try the lifestyle but I also want to gain some muscle mass. Another question I have is how much protein minimum should I be taking in to see results and maintain muscle. One of the reasons I am a little resistant to stay on this diet is because I am scared I might loose muscle size. 

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  • If you wanna bulk up, id find a different diet. most people who have any sort of mass to them on this diet gained it BEFORE adopting the diet and have just been maintaining.

    • Doesnt matter what diet you are on as long as you are on quality steroids, getting enough carb cals so you can train intensely and recovering properly. 

      The reality is that a fruitarian diet combined with quality steroids will sustain a much 'harder and shredded' physique without the extreme cutting phases that all these guys on youtube have to do to get ripped for a 'transformation' video/photo shoot and then a week later, they are blown out and you can see it in their faces and next few months of videos lol!

      I look like a drugged up cyclist all year long. Even some of the local lads claim that 'he MUST be on the gear to be that lean all year long...'.

      • I highly doubt anyone would claim you're taking steroids, but if you say so...

        If that is the reality, how come I have never seen even ONE person who has gained a decent amount of muscle mass on the frutarian diet? Show me just one example with before and after photos where they ate nothing but fruit the whole time. And not somebody who lost fat to look more muscular due to a lower body fat.... but somebody who actually gained muscle.

  • thats fine. I prefer lean muscles.
  • Check out this fellow Victor VanRambutan on YT. He's got a great channel with loads of sane advice.

    From what I can remember I think he initially experienced some muscle loss while adopting the fruit lifestyle, but tweaked the diet a bit to better suit muscle building.

    • Victor takes testosterone for a medical condition.

      I don't know any really aesthetic guys that DONT take something that if I took, Id test positive at a bike race if I got tested via WADA doping protocols. 

      Sirb, you should worry about bench pressing your own bodyweight 10 times before you worry about 'not getting enough protein'. How much are you benching now?

      Ever noticed why the youtube 'fitness' channel guys have very thin hair or always wear a hat? Thats cos the AAS they are taking in such high dosages is causing hair loss which costs BIG$ to reverse and most can't afford it or don't care that much about it cos when you shave your head like Elliot, its not as noticeable.

      If you are serious about muscle, you MUST get on the AAS bro. Otherwise you are kidding yourself if you want to get swol and shredded like those guys.

      TMW genetics natural.


      TMW genetics on AAS.


  • Gaining muscle is more dependant on the type of workouts and your specific intake of protein. Certainly you wont gain muscle like someone on roids because you cant train as hard or recover as fast. If you want to gain muscle by training, double your lean mass kg to grams of protein ie 70kg lean mass = 140g of protein intake daily. None of which will do you any good without the proper training regime.

    I should also add without enough carbs and hydration your workouts will be worse and you wont recover as fast.

  • Doug Graham also have some nice lean muscles in my view.

  • Have you searched for muscle gain on here?  There are many threads.

    • Also,check out Chris Califano from The First Supper. He's a member here too.
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