Good Sugar + Acne

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to talk about fruit and acne. During the raw challenge in January, it was my first time putting 8-10 bananas in a smoothie and 10-20 dates in a smoothie and my skin broke out terribly. Now is this something that'll pass given I haven't eaten that quantity of fruit before and my body needs to adjust to the level or is there an issue with my skin?

Let me know if you've experienced this or if there's a thread already speaking of these issues.

Thank you,


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  • This is known as a cleansing reaction. Make sure you're not consuming overt fats with the high carb meals. It may continue for some time but eventually as your body purges whatever is causing the acne it may eventually subside. You should also be getting 20 minutes of high intensity exercise several days a week.

  • if you are tormented by lonely acne, I think there is no point in steaming a lot ... use a hydrocolloid patch cut with salicylic acid at night, it will quickly remove redness or even a white purulent pimple

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  • I have not been able to find any evidence to support the theory of the direct effect of diet on acne. Even if there was evidence, I doubt that a significant number of tests would have been conducted. Given this, there is a lot of evidence of diet and acne:

    -Hmm, I have more acne than yesterday.
    -Did I eat sugar yesterday?
    -So sugar causes acne.

    This is just my opinion in this regard. I don't think it would be an important factor if diet affected acne.

  • I noticed my skin looks best when I have fruit+veg smoothies. Fruit for carbs and vegetables for a giant injection of vitamins and minerals. And I agree with snow pea! Lots of variables¬†

  • I am on a high fruit diet.. hasn't cleared yet :-(

  • I got less pimples switching to a plantbased diet from a "paleo" trend style diet, i got more pimples switching from a standard diet to a "paleo" trend style diet (worse I had in my life and this was a long time ago). For me there's the least amount of pimples on a fruit based diet, and close to no pimples when other factors are satifsief too. other factors such as sleep, humidity, temp, hygine, sun exposure, excercise (sweating) have an impact on pimples. Diet is amajor factor but theres others too.

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