Google Words

Google has an advertising method called google words that makes is so when someone searches for your key words and sees the link, it pops up your advertisement or website. I think this would be great for attracting new comers to the site. When I searched 80 10 10 the first sites were critics giving watered down science, opinionated facts, and ignorant opinions. If freelee and durian could afford or somehow make it so their site appeared first in google or its advertising, especially the scientific aspects, many curious people would not be turned away or turned off by the plethera of ignorant know it alls out there.

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  • The carbphobia agenda is dominating the internet, whenever you put carb or carbohydrate or sugar or whatever into google all you see is low carb websites.

  • Also, if wiki pedia could be updated for the high carb low fat vegan criteria with this site as a linking archive.
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