Grocery Haul!

Very proud of my grocery haul for the next couple days, although the pomegranates are from my own tree. it's always hilarious checking out at the grocery store, because I buy all fresh produce. The looks on their faces is hilarious! they just can't believe i am gonna eat all of it. But really they react as if I'm buying tons of canned cat food to eat or something 🤔 8376937894?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • This is awesome! how much did it cost you?

    A single mango in my area costs $2.79 USD :( Blueberries are expensive too.

  • I got that "look" at my last grocery shop too! I know it well. granted, that was even with a loaf of bread and some vegan cheese for my partner and his son but still. We've come so far from natural foods in our society. It's crazy. 

  • beauty-full! i would add even more bananas and a box of dates :)

    • Yes, I got 2 boxes of dates but definitely need more bananas ! 😁

      • I usually get my bananas on sale at a local produce shop where they mark down all the organics bananas that have started to brown. I always snag them, peel and freeze them for my banana date smoothies. They are usually perfect ripeness at that point. 

        I'd check your local stores and ask if they have any markdowns on their browned bananas or even other produce. a lot of stores just throw it away but some pack it up at really reduced rates so you can get high quality organic for less than the GMO options. 

        The only disadvantage is that they are often wrapped in plastic. :/ 

  • so much variation 😍 

  • Nice!! Looks great! Legend :D <3 

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