Grocery Haul Attempt #2!

I think I did pretty good with this one! With suggestions from my previous attempt I found a box of bananas and some dates...Dates are really expensive near me so that's why I couldn't get too many. I was surprised how cheap the box of bananas were though! And sorry if this is a dumb question but how do you eat sugar cane? 😅 Do I just chew it after I peel the outside?
I'm very thankful for this forum ❤️

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  • Oh, how I miss watermelon.  Where are you located?  I'm in cold cold Canada and you can't find real watermelon anywhere in the winter months.  Only the GMO  tiny seedless fake kind with no flavour, why anyone would bother to buy them, is beyond comprehension.  But that one there, looks fabulous.  I really need to move somewhere warm.

    • Haha. I live in Canada too and my step son made me promise to buy him a watermelon at our last grocery shop. When we opened it up is was hardly pink at all and the poor guy was so dissapointed at how bland it was. Thus his first lesson about fruits and veggies that are in season. But man on man, when the okanagan is producing watermelon again, it's an every day staple. 100%

    • Life is sucky without watermelon! :'D I jump out of bed in the morning yelling YES! I've got watermelon for first breaky!! Woohoo!! :D <3 

    • Oh I'm sorry :( - I'm in Florida! The watermelon was a bit pricey which is why I only got one, they were 8 dollars each due to the season but it was very sweet and juicy. :) Living here definitely has its fruit perks! 😊 

  • You did good :D <3

    Just a wee little word of caution...those dried apricots...if they have sulphur dioxide...that stuff gives me a big belly ache..and so afterwards I researched it and it wasn't pretty...the side effects and stuff...

    • the sulphur dioxide is definitely something to look out for on dried fruit! I'm lucky a friend of mine runs an online herb and pantry shop and I can order dates from her and they are so soft. dried fruit from the stores can be a bit of a mine feild with additives from brand to brand. 

    • Oh no :o thanks for letting me know, I'll look into that. Are there any other types of dried fruits you'd recommend? :) 

      • I think you can get some good quality sun dried fruit that does not use sulphur dioxide...I used to buy some through Eden Foods years ago but I don't really have a need for it anymore other than dates and for those I buy the organic American ones cos Australian ones have a very short season and sell out like so fast O_o I have an dehydrator so when I have abundant bananas and mangoes and stuff I dry my own...on the raw setting of course :D Good luck with your searches! <3 

  • ok great work!! yes just peel the sides of sugar cane off with a knife and cut it up and crunch on it, sugary delight! you can sometimes but through a juicer too. 

    • Yay thank you!!! I was not expecting it to taste like this, its really good! 

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