Half naked picture of Freelee from today.

Freelee in a bikini. After 2 meals. Today. No starvation, no dehydration, no diuretics. 


So we look at Freelee's before shots and we know what works now.

2-3 hours light cardio a week works.

Vegan works.

Squatting vs sitting on the toilet works.

Unlimited carb cals works.

Low sodium intake works.

B12 shots work.

Fruit works.

Going to bed early works.

Being patient with results works.

Aiming for a sub 20min 5000m works.

Talking the stairs works.

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  • this picture is now etched in my mind..

    so motivating (:

  • she's simply STUNNING!!!!! :D

    What a gorgeous lady! INSIDE & OUT!


  • Gosh, she looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Can't stop staring, want that body!!! 

  • Freelee´s looking great. Slim and has nice muscles. Freelee is an excellent example of what good health looks like. 

  • wowsa.... good tummy especially after 2 meals. I don't want a muscular tummy (as a woman) just nice, flat belly would make me happy ^.^

    hey btw- i ordered her ebook maybe 2 months ago. I lost the file (its on my ex's computer) is there any way to get my link reactivated??

  • dear lord i wish i were like this. congrats! for all the effort!

  • Freelee Your are the Girl! AWESOME!

  • <3<3<3

  • Holler

  • Turn my back for a second and the 'proud parent' strikes again :D

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