• hi im  from Quebec..:) fruitarian  :)

  • Ontario! Ottawa to be exact.

  • I live 30mins away freon Montreal so no wholesale beside costco.

  • Awesome plan is there a organic farm in mtl????
  • We should make a fruit luck meet up or something the weather is really nice out these days who's in?????
  • I do yeah...bananas and mangoes..sweet potatoes sometimes. It cost a little less sure...the other day at Gaetan bono there was some ripe organic bananas...10$ a case ! Oh and I tasted the best atulfo mangoes from sami fruit whole was i think 9.50$ for 16 ! they were amazing !!

  • Dont know if the reply is for me ? lol ..yeah it is pretty cool people are into healthy eating and 811 !! I eat starches as well...but tons of fruit !! 

  • Hi from Windsor Ontario!! Welcome! I have a Costco card and get a lot in bulk from there as well as whole sale foods stores. Costco has great organic figs in bulk! love em! Just google the wholes sale food stores in your area. I also know what day they put all the "ripe" bananas on the 50% off produce rack and fill up on spotted bananas and tomatoes and organic oranges and romaine. Organic will go bad quickly so the rack at the local A&P is always full. If something is on sale and I like it, I will eat it for three days straight. Buy as much as you can in cases. Grow you own fresh herbs in your window.... basil, rosemary, thyme and chives. parsley and dill. you can add them to any dinner salad and sauce. If its out of season it usually expensive. Eat in season. I do have frozen fruit on hand and buy in bulk when on sale. Frozen fruit is picked when it is ripe so I add blueberries to my winter smoothie without breaking the bank or eating unripe unsweet fruit. Split items with a friend or family member. I don't use avacados very often so I will split a bag with my best friend. Be aware that cheaper is not always better. Some cheeper produce tastes not as good. Test out different varieties and find you favorite and then buy a lot of it! Cheers!

    • Got some of those figs from Costco.  So delicious!  Thanks so much for posting Lady Apple :)  These are my new favourite treat!  Any other tips on buying bananas in bulk or fruit finds in Windsor would be greatly appreciated! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

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