Hello! I have a Cronometer question....

Hello everyone, I’m new here a bit of a newbie to the raw diet. I was planning out my meals through cronometer to make sure I hit certain targets and get enough calories and I always find that the net carbs are always super high and in red bold numbers. Is that okay? Or should I seek to reduce that....it’s all raw fruits and veggies nothing cooked.

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  • Heyy, that's nothing to worry about. :)

    It's just the target that the website set for you. You can go to settings and change your macronutrient targets there. Don't be afraid of net carbs, hehe. We can't get too much of them, as they fuel our body and our brain.8346646496?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Ohhh okay. Thank you! I was worried for a

      moment lol 

      • I'm glad I could help 💚

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