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Hello my name is Emily (skitterkins online or skitters lunch box) and im 26 from Adelaide Australia. im 5 ft 3 ish and weight 92kg. That puts me in obese range. I have struggled with weight and food issues my entire life. From when i was a kid in school not packing food then coming home and binging, Then becoming a teen and able to buy my own junk food and binging on food even more. I have tried plant based and vegan diets in the past but never stuck to it long term. Im so uncomfortable getting chaffing and being over weight. One other thing, i had a knee reconstruction few years back due to sports related injury, i put on heaps of weight and had to retrain my leg to move. I also currently have sciatica pain but has gotten better over the years, and recently got diagnosed with planter fasciitis which hurts alot but is getting better.

I wanted to join this forum because i dont really have support in the real world. I want to get healthy so i can live longer and not be one of those obese people dying young. I have started a tiktok food diaries, instagram and youtube channel called Skitters Lunch Box. I am on a big journey and I really want to be the best version of myself and live up to my morals of loving nature, myself and animals. I hope you will join me on my journey to better health :)

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  • awesome welcome emily :) it's a little quiet i'm here atm but eventually it will pick up. great to hear you are ready to take control of your future health and well being! and thank you for considering the animals. please do a search for anything that will help your journey as there are thousands of back posts to sift through. wishing u all the best .

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