Help for Recipes I come and would love to ask for more vegan recipes please as I have this person who's eager to start a vegan diet... Hmn... am not really into recipes, just love and used to throw what I can put in juicer, blender or in my salad bowl but guess not am needing it.

LFRV recipes would be great. Will appreciate any help by replying or sending me more recipes. Thanks a lot.




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  • We try to eat one meal with the whole family. To do this, I regularly find the Cooking Guide on the cooking blog . We all like it. - Cooking guide
    Cooking guide
  • Yummy! love it by its look, how much more with its taste? they'll love it for sure as I do. Thanks...

  • Thanks Nate :)

  • This is pretty amazing and she posts new ones all the time!

    • Thank you Maggie...

  • Leslie, Cassy and Nate... thank you so much for all the information. This all will surely help. Kinda tough for my friends mom, she got  sick but the rest, they were all strong and ready to continue :)

  • I would also suggest to check out Dara's channel on youtube

    and Dan

    and for raw but also sometimes just  vegan recipes

    • Thanks a lot Cassy :)

  • LFRV recipes are great! You can check out videos on YouTube by Megan Elizabeth. Search "easytoberaw". There are some other 811 recipe channels but hers is my personal fave.

    I'm going to assume that your friend isn't willing to start 100% raw right away. Honestly, I don't recommend someone jumping head first into 811 without transitioning. Personally, I had no problems with craving for animal products or any cooked food at all but that's probably because I started cutting out salt and grains two years prior to starting out on a high carb raw vegan diet. Without salt and excitotoxins messing with my palate, I naturally found all animal products repulsive. That isn't the case for most people starting this lifestyle, I imagine. I would suggest that your friend start by focusing on transitioning his or her taste buds first. It may help initially to add more spices in food to add some flavor, and gradually lower the consumption of that as well. It won't take that long, in fact, I read somewhere that the change can take as short as a month!

    There are numerous cooked vegan websites out there, although not all of them are healthy, of course. Some of my favorite resources for cooking for my family include: Forks Over Knifes is an awesome way to introduce veg-curious people to a healthy plant-based lifestyle. Their website also offers tons of recipes and resources, all referencing advocates for a high-carb, low fat, vegan diet. There are also cookbooks that accompany FOK, the China Study, among many other programs. Vegan junk food may entice the newbie, and he or she may still retain the belief that one needs to always eat a meal with "concentrated protein" aka faux meats. That, I believe, along with other ignorant misconceptions about health, is why there are so many "failed vegans" out there. I would first clear up the misconceptions your friend might have about health and nutrition through books by Dr. McDougal, Dr. Barnard, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Campbell, and more doctors promoting a plant-based lifestyle. Vegan meat substitutes and cheeses are a great novelty food and are direct proof of how easy it is to be vegan nowadays, there's literally a vegan version of every non-vegan recipe and product. Fun, but is it truly healthy and sustainable?

    Regardless of someone being raw or not, 80/10/10 is a great read because it is easy to understand and offers practical ways one can start improving his or her health. It is the best book to get if your friend is interested in raw food.

    Sorry if I wrote a TL;DR article here, but I hope that helps you and your friend.

    • Hear yah Leslie... amazin... it will surely help on their way. Thanks a lot. I have read 80/10/10 but for them, would try other books as they are still starting into it :) Stay safe!

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