Hi ❤ I am new to this community and very exited to be here. I am a spiritual, 34 year old female from Norway and have been vegan and raw till 4 since 2015. I have had a dream about building a fruit paradise for many years. I have been traveling around looking for a place, and there has been bumps along the way. I would like to check out Nicaragua for a potential spot, but it would be so nice to create this place together with someone like-minded. The main plan is to buy some land, not to far from the ocean for surfing possibilities. Growing food, offgrid, have a river close by for water and cleaning would be awesome. Then in the future when we have enough food to share, welcome people who are sick and want to get well. Donationbased. Also maybe host retreats of different kinds. If this sounds soulsoothing for you, please reach out 💞✨

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  • Hi Gulli, that sounds just like my dream! I'm from the UK and for years I have wanted to buy some land, live sustainably and off the land, to drink fresh, clean spring water. Your idea of a healing sanctuary/retreat is great. I'd like to continue this chat and see where it leads! Thank you x

    • Hi 😍 how great ❤️ 

      I would love to create a group chat somewhere since it is a few already who have responded, but not everyone use the most popular social media platforms. Any suggestions? 😅 

      • Hmm, not sure. I'm on Instagram and FB. I'm trying to log in to Discord, but having some issues!


  • Hi!

    that actually sounds wonderful, and i resonate a lot with your aspirations and wills.

    Me too, am dreaming of growing my fruits orchard that will sustain me, preferably in the tropics, close to the beach, and help others to heal.
    I couldn't get though, whether you're looking to live with a partner only on the land, or actually looking to found a community of like minded ppl. I'm more drawn to living in such community, with other fruitarian fellows. 
    i'm actually flying in two weeks to ecuador, to check the fruitarian communities over there, see if i like it or not, and whether it fulfills my needs.

    Would love to discuss it further if you want 💗


    • Hi ☺️ yes I am open to both, but would be nice with more people. I have been interested in going to fruit haven in ecuador myself, it looks amazing but I really want to be close to the ocean 😍

      Do you have fb or other platforms? I think we should create a chat group for those interested in creating this 😍🙌🏽

      • Yup!

        Yotam Gordon on fb

  • I am single live in Australia, always trying/advertising  (since 1972) trying to find a partner to help me grow vegan-organic food mostly fruits (includes food forest) for a fruitarian diet, Are you interested to live with me in Australia? My webpages are www.fruitarian-robots.com

    Also https://www.facebook.com/prosperity4animals/

    And  https://www.facebook.com/Fruitarian-University-119975238069409/



    • I wrote a msg to you on fb 🙌

    • I sent you a request in fb. We can chat there maybe? I am very drawn towards central America but who knows, Australia sounds amazing too ☺️

  • I have been cultivating and putting forth intention to do this as well! A tropical food forest intertwined with permaculture gardens as a healing sanctuary...hiking, yoga, surfing, dancing, music, creating art in all forms! Gathering with beautiful beings who are keen on the same💫 Eco, off grid houses created with materials from the land. I would love to chat about it more with you!

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