Hi, thanks for having me!!  Are there others spiriutaly awake to the hoaxes/facades/lies of this realm and system?  Message me if u want to get off grid as well and be in a veganic permaculture way, and free of cell phones, electric grid etc. Offering my experienced services if others are more setup with this and need help and good vibes.

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  • Hi BEAFree,

    great to have you write here and good you want to get out of the "govern-mental" system.

    • sup bro.  ya i'm still stuk here in this koLd speLL mumbo jumbo.  still looking for a way to the tropiks without korupt govt/corporate 'ids' which are a hoax, along with passports.

  • Are ya'll clowning me? lol

  • Dude , I'd love to interview you! I love hearing about peoples perspectives on the 🌎 world! So nice to meet you! My boyfriend and I are currently saving up to move off grid. 


  • Yes! Replied to Gulli Elisabeth’s post as well and would love to chat more about this! 

  • Hi BEAFree! My husband and I are looking to pursue the same lifestyle. Where are you from?

    • hey annelies. i hope that doesn't mean anne lies and ur anne? lol

      • No, it doesn't :) You pronounce it Anne-lease.

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