Heyo my fruity friends! I am announcing my first ever raw vegan recipe contest!! WOO! Be sure to enter to win some amazing prizes!

Just copy and paste the info down below in a Facebook message to TheRawBuzz.com's Facebook page, and be sure to include a photo, or email it to me Heather@Therawbuzz.com

Please include:
Name of dish -
Ingredients -
Directions -
Your name, or nickname, Where we can find you: website/youtube channel/facebook page/eBook/ect. -
If you would like to have a guest post on my website Therawbuzz.com - YES/NO.

You may enter, at max, two recipes. Please keep the dish low fat, and raw. Preferably, you should include a photo. The contest will be held from May 17th - June 7th.
Only USA and Southern/Eastern Canadian entries (Due to shipping costs.)
Good luck to everyone and may the best raw vegan recipe win!!

(The link to the YouTube Video containing details) http://youtu.be/IHonDMNP_hI

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