Hi all,

Recently, I've done my blood test that showed my potassium level is above the maximum and my iron is very below minimum. Does anyone have an issue with potassium? For iron I'll need to take supplement, as this is a long term issue and it's getting worse. There is some prob with hemoglobin as well.

I've read that high potassium is dangerous for kidneys and a level of K is increased when you eat a lot of bananas, potatos, tomatoes,dried fruit.

I do eat 2-3 bananas, 1-2 dried dates in a day. I love potato, so I eat them every day as well as tomatoes. I do eat a lot of raw during the day, cooked in the evening/later in a day.

I'm going to see a doc but in my country we don't have a plant based doc. So again, I'll hear that I need to eat meat or supplement. 

Does anyone have a similar problems? 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your views 😊

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  • Not sure what the answer is but I hope you get the guidance you're looking for!

    It might be an issue with your kidneys regulating the K balance of the blood, because it doesn't sound like your K intake is too high.  2-3 bananas a few dates and potatoes is not that much.

    How often do you consume natural sources of sodium?  (celery, green leafy vegetables)

    Sodium lowers K in the blood so it could be that you're not taking in enough sodium?

    • Thank you for comments. I thought it should not be a lot of high potassium food if other people eat much more. I try to eat leafy greens every day...in my salad bowl. 

      In the past I overcame kidney infection. Twice. I was taking antibiotics for that. That's good point. I need to mention this to my blood doctor when I visit her in couple of weeks.

      Thank you

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