How Bad is Dried Fruit?

Hi all,


I've been struggling through health and financial issues (mostly caused by paying for the health issues, ugh), but cooked sweet potatoes or potatoes or grains just don't do me any favors. I'm sick of getting nosebleeds and headaches from eating half a sweet potato, for example, yikes. Granted, I'm also struggling through some mysterious health issues right now, so this might not be a normal set of reactions for me, after all.


Anyway, how bad would it be to make my main calorie sources come from dried fruits?  Some of these are "mainly sun-dried" but also steamed if necessary/temperatures are too low outside to dry them with the sun's heat. The only problems I'm noticing are increased irritability, but I get this in a more pronounced manner with cooked foods anyway. The dried fruits are always soaked in relatively clear water, and I drink the soak water if they are organic, or blend them with the soak water if they are organic. Since I'm going by my body's reactions, I can only seem to eat what I'm not reacting to...and in this case, dried fruit seems the least offensive? Would it be recommended regularly as a "staple" for as long as a month or more, even?

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  • Hi Morraine,


    I'm also in Austin and deal with the same issue (getting enough calories in) for different reasons... Also I may have some work available if earning some extra money is an option for you.


    I sent you a PM.. lets connect soon!





  • Just posted a discussion Are dates good for you? with a video on a research that was done with dates.  Check it out.
    • Thank you! I really love dates, and they are great for the body, but I just worry over realllllly dry dates, of course. :)
      • DATORADE lol!


        Freelee eats more dates than any chick on earth most likely. Dates do a body good.



  • I haven´t read all the replies but I have not so far been 100% raw. I had a period where I ate lots of chickpeas along with lots of fruit, veggies and some nuts. I felt fine with the chickpeas. But now I am experimenting with grain and potatoes and they just are not doing good things for my body. So if you can´t do 100% raw then maybe you can save money with chickpeas. But I am not so sure if you would be saving a great deal of money.
    • Thank you so much! :) I realize chickpeas may be higher in protein than recommended, but this sounds like the perfect idea. It seems that grains and potatoes have too many toxins my body doesn't really like! And I'm beginning to see that these were all symptoms I *did* have previously--but at much lower degrees, because I was experiencing poor health chronically anyway and didn't notice them.


      I will have to see if they do save money, but my guess is that they definitely will, especially bought dry and in bulk bins. Wow, thank you so much.

  • Do you buy wholesale? I wouldn't be able to afford this diet if it wasn't for wholesale. It literally costs half as much, and that's buying organic. If you bought conventional (which is totally fine and probably less toxic than cooked foods or dried fruits) then it would probably be even less than what I get. This week I got three cases of organic valencia oranges at 21 dollars a case. They're about 30 to 40 pounds each, and if they are in fact 40 pounds each then I'll be getting in my 3000 calories a day. Even with a 10% case discount, it would still cost almost 200 dollars at my local grocery store. To find your local wholesaler(s), just google "wholesale produce" and your city/town and state/country/province. Mangoes are also high in calories if you're allergic to bananas and dates don't agree with you. Hope that helps :)

    • Unfortunately I did not do so before, but I've found several wholesalers in my area and have focused in on two very cheap ones, compared to what I've been paying in the past! :) Thank you so much for the suggestion.


      Although I do not react well to conventional fruits, I still believe my cooked reactions are much worse than before, so it would help my budget considerably. :) Wow! $21 for a case of valencia oranges? That is very cheap, although a bit higher than I can currently afford. But it sounds like this will be a great idea (even organic) when my finances are in order...for now I will have to test conventional.


      Dates do agree with me, but I worry over extremely dry ones!

      • The Date People have three varieties of fresh/wet dates available right now, and later on in the season apparently they'll have more. Google them, go to their website, and click on "contact us." They emailed me back really quickly with a price list and stuff! I'm gonna get stuff as soon as I can get a money order.

        $21 is pretty pricey, but it's cheeeeap for organic, especially where I live (er, not including Australia. LOL <3 ). If the choice is between cooked organic and raw fruity conventional, I'd say go conventional. Your body will be filled with so much good stuff that the pesticides, though not ideal, won't be a huge deal.

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