How do you get through the winter?

So, right now in Texas it is like the surface of the sun. It is easy to want to eat nice fresh cool fruit and drink lots of water. It is refreshing in this horrible summer that we are having.

My question is, during the winter do you ever want something hot? If so, how do you get around that?

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  • Make sure to keep your fluid intake up too. Winter air can often be drier and also if you spend time indoors with a heating unit on can dehydrate you too. 
  • No, because when I have to eat anything hot I get HEAT all over my body that is irritating, like a fever. Sometimes I have to eat it due to finances, and just recently got nosebleeds. From sweet potatoes. It's getting ridiculous. :O So...I'd say if you keep up this diet until it gets cold in TX (lol-I wore shorts half the winter, minus the freakishly freezing days) AND eat -enough- fruit when you do experience winter (stock up on dates, please, yummy) AND eat as many greens as you can reasonably stomach (preferably 1-2 lbs. per day!), you will not want to even look at cooked foods. :) This is also helpful if you love to travel to cold places to visit relatives or go skiing or whatnot. :) I find that when I eat enough calories, my body generates heat and holds heat better than anyone else! Amazing, no? When I don't eat enough, even for a short period of time, I get cold. Please eat enough, and never go hungry.
  • I'm in the winter now but in New Zealand. I never crave the feeling of warm food so I can't answer that part but there are always yummy fruit that is avalible like right now I'm loving cheriymoya, oranges, lemonades, yellow kiwifruit.
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