How do you handle cravings?

Its been almost a month, I've been fully raw. So far, I haven't had cravings. But today, I had some intense cravings for some dense food. I didn't fall off the wagon, but I am just wondering - how do you handle cravings, without using willpower?

Obviously it would be nice if there are no cravings. But if there are cravings, what tricks do you use to get over them?

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  • guys, it's crucial to get it cleared when you'r still in the beginning of the journey.

    cravings, and especially for dense food, are usually signs of lack in something in your diet. dense food, almost always indicates lack of calories.

    these videos by Dr Doug Graham are pure gold.

    please watch it.

    he covers the topic and to me it all makes so much sense, and from 8 years of experience he's totally right.



    please let me know if you find it helpful, and feel free to ask whatever you want.

  • I often wonder if it's just our minds...rather than actual bodily cravings, cos sometimes my daughter will tell me what she's having for dinner and then that will be in my mind and all day I'll be like mmmm...sushi (vegan of course...duh! :'D). Whereas if she had never said that to me I wouldn't have thought ''shite I'm craving sushi''. I think if you carb the you know what can ride over these thoughts. I don't think I have ever had an actual craving that people talk about...I think it's all in my thoughts...just a thought :) <3 

    • I am reading a book on celery by medical medium. He claims that drinking celery the first thing in the morning can help with all kinds of addictions and cravings. I am yet to try though, celery taste and smell is unappealing at the moment.

      But yeah, I guess it is all in our minds. Still hard to fight them though, especially for novices like me

      • sorry, but medical medium seems like a total space cadet to me. the guy doesn't seem to be thriving in anyway, why take recommendations from such person?

        eat sufficient calories, and watch all your cravings disappear. no need in celery juice or snake oil..

        • I don't know anything about medical medium, the celery book is the first work of his that I am reading.

          I am going to finish the book anyway. Do you think he is not legit?

        • Well yeah...I guess that could be why I've never experienced these cravings people talk about. I have always prioritised health and nutrition since a teenager and have always been a...well my nana called me her ''good eater'' cos I would be back in the fridge halfa after dinner when I was a kid :'D Also fruit has played a huge part in my diet my whole life :) Breaks my heart when I see kids in the fruit and veggie section asking their parents for fruit and they say no :'( I'm like you wah?? They can't have fruit but those big bottles of coke is totally ok? What have we become :'( 

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