How is this site doing?

I have been popping in to see whats up several times a year for a lot of years, and a few years ago, discussions were being replaced with new ones within hours, often the topics were “pages away” by the next day, and now discussions started a month or more ago are still on page one with few or no comments...and dead, censored items are not being removed in weeks.

This is a site I really like, though my personal interest diminished when cooked food was introduced and endorsed, I have always (40 years) been about 90% raw when not 100%,  I still was learning a lot when this site was all raw, but I have not lost interest, almost everyone here is transitioning to “raw”, but now there seems to be little excitement about raw.

I personally have not been posting much as “water only fasting” is a BIG part of my life, with dozens of things healing...thought impossible...and now research shows that calorie restriction triggers cell stem use, which is why my Adventure life requires it...I was almost in a wheelchair 15 years ago, and now this year hit by a car March 31st and thrown 18 ft, I am in daily therapy AGAIN, the good news is that at 65, I did not break a hip, and in between days when I could barely make it to the bathroom and back...or 10 rest stops to make it from one end of the airport concourse to the other end....I actually had a day good enough this July to do the 2 day climb up and down Fuji in one day.

But my point is that I have been avoiding posting because water only fasting is not endorsed on this site...and I respect that...and am aware that 99% of people that attempt more than a day or two consecutive are putting their health in jeapordy, and do risk long term negative I cannot knock the is a grieviously misunderstood protocol.  I only do one fast a year, a short one of 22-25 days, and 4 in the last 15 years exceeding 40 days.

Through organic raw and Therapies and fasting, I still have some major goals to achieve:  Ski The legendary powder of Dizin Ski Area, with the rare “Champaign powder” that only Snowbird and Alta regularly see, and to climb Aconcagua solo (or with my wife) without oxygen, guide or porters (highest peak outside of the Himalayas, about 23,000 ft, Argentina, 27 day climb)...and thinking about Kayaking the Mississippi from the source to the Gulf (yes, potentially unpleasant and dangerous, in disgustingly dirty water clogged with commercial barges and resulting chaotic waves).  Also thinking about a circumnavigation of our planet by air, visiting and doing “something” in a dozen or so of the 30 countries near the equator (13 on the equator).  I have interesting unlimited travel benefits, and can do this trip for $650 to $1,000.  

Actually, anyone can do cheap vagabond travel, I have for 35 years...and an starting a website to help peeps accomplish it without fear or reservations (or travel reservations also)...but NOT promoting THAT on Freeleys domain, you need to ask me...

My question is:

How many of those who have signed up are still active in the last year? 

This is idle curiosity, I have not point to be made either way, and would feel bad if there are “few”, as I think this site points everyone/anyone in the right direction, whether degrading to cooked food or not.


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  • Glad you're recovering your health once again, Rock

  • Maybe THAT is a blatant overstatement, calorie restriction is shown to enhance stem cell use by the body, but at advanced age (me 20 years ago), not enough stem cells to make a remarkable difference....BUT...those $120,000 stem cell treatments are now in the range of 2 for $15,000 (you and spouse) and calorie restriction might greatly enhance the treatment, and being raw enhance the investment even more.  There is no magic bullet, but the stem cells now come from ethical sources...(look up HUCT stem cell...”Human Umbilical Cord Tissue”)...the leading country for research, development and use seems to be Costa Rica.  And a LOT cheaper than here.  I have attended seminars, talked to doctors involved as well as “not involved”, and bought books on the subject (buying a book useless unless there is time made to actually read stay tuned.)

    I have had Chiropractors indicate that they have read that there is benefit in 72 hr water only fasts for this purpose...but until I see it, I reserve my opinion.  Pretty much every article, blog or story I have read about water fasting has been someone who obvioulsy spent less than an hour on learning the subject and reported fantastical, UNTRUE, “Marijuana Fantasy” quality claims...or knocking it based on their view of “common sense” instead of research and fact.

    While Dr Doug Graham IS an expert, his methods are questionable, and he has had patients die.  Dr Joel Furhman wrote the book I repect the most after having successfuly lead over 10,000 individuals to 40-60 days (and THAT was years ago). He says he only terminatedmthe fast of one patient...due to electrolyte imbalance. (I terminated my Thailand Fast 2 years ago at 36 days for Potassium imbalance...which I had inadvertently triggered and recognized after researching as to why I had unusual negative symptoms. He is highly respected for other aspects of the field, like nutrition of raw, etc...and has been on Public Television Fundraisers for years now...

  • Rock said "and now research shows that calorie restriction triggers stem cell use" 

    Interesting, I had not heard that before. I found this video from Dr. Group on water fasting and he does mention water fasting being a stem cell treatment.

    "How many of you would like a $120,000 stem cell treatment for free?"

    -Dr. Group on water fasting

    Water Fasting: The Most Cost Effective Method of Healing? - Dr. Edward Group at TTAC LIVE 2017

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