As you guys know date season is ending for now. :( Such a sad sad time. So I'm gonna stock up on dates. I'm thinking of buying 60 pounds.


a 20 pound box usually lasts me 1/2 - 1 month (with other food) but I don't know how long they keep for. Sometimes if I keep them for a while they get this strange taste that tastes like bread.



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  • I've kept them in the frig in containers or plastic bags for months and even a year or so.  They are better the fresher they are but don't lose much quality for at least a few months or so.  Some dry out a bit or the sugar crystallizes after several months, but I still soak them and use them in smoothies.  If you take a little out at a time and eat at room temp., they are better than straight from the frig, too.
  • I've had some in the frig and freezer for months and they are fine when brought to room temperature...
  • No one knows??
  • Bump... :I
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