How long on the lifesyle?

I am curious how many people have been 100% on plant based dier for more than 2 .years.

My experience is the successful people take at least 2-3 years to make the transition, those that do it overnight are not still even trying in 2 years.  

Those that stay with “vegan” more than 2 years seem to be split between raw vegan and otherwise, though I find that less than 1% of self labeled vegans have gone over 5 consecutive days without “fudging” intentionally or out of ignorance (me, for instance was plant  based 35 years before I learned that MSG was not a salt like substance, but a protein grown on animal lard).  Most  vegatarians are unaware that jellow is a fruit flavored MEAT dish.

So, how many out there have been 100% plant based for at least 2 years without ANY exception?

(For those who have trouble, I have not had a “fudge” exception after the first 5 years of my 47 years...they way I do it is, if it has egg or meat broth in it, or ANYTHING animal, I do not see it as food...even if it was a great dish I thought was veg, once I find ANYTHING about it non-vegetarian, it suddenly becomes “non-food” to me.  Even if Imhad been salivating for it for hours in anticipation...and I was hungry...and there was “nothing” else to eat...

For those dealing with morons who suggest that you “just pick the meat out”, and say that repeatedly over a friendship, it will never happen again if you ask them if they would eat the pizza if after they saw dog poop on it and “just picked it off”?  After that, the visual they get harrassing you is so awful they will not EVEN bring up the subject again...

How many of you here been plant based at least 2 years?  How many here have been 100% raw for 2 years?  I successfully was 2 1/2 years when I was young, (25) but have been only 95% since then...which I consider failure, as I DEFINITELY feel and perform better 100% raw.

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  • I have not been on it for that long. But everyday I am getting closer. I have research it. I have viewed freelee and durianrider youtube videos , at least 200 of them. Truly looking forward to making that 2 year mark. For me I am between a rock and a hard place. I am attending college and am frustrated with the education program. In my view it is more effective to implement this program freelee and durianrider has layed out then formal education. I would like to meet up with durianrider and freelee at one point. I need help with my financial situation due to much college. I just feel open to their advice and honesty I want to ditch my BS , biology degree because honestly I think it is nonsense. So this would be my first 30 days, saying flexible and i am carb the f... up!!!
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