• I didn't have my period for over four years, even after several years of maintaining a waight at the upper end of what I would consider healthy for me, it still hadn't come back. My doctor wanted to put me on hormones, but i kept putting it off. Anyway, this summer I decided to try using barley grass juice powder in my smoothies because I'd seen it recommended by people on this cite. Within a week of beginning to supliment with it, my period started. I've had it very regularly since then. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe not, but that's what happened to me. I use two tablespoons everyday. I used to eat tons of greens, but now I only have a small amount.
  • T^T How to get rid of my period T^T

  • I had lost my period for 2 years and the reason was a mystery (even to my reproductive specialist). I discovered this lifestyle when I randomly started eating the best dates I ever tasted. I ate like .5-1lb a day! Then boom my period came out of nowhere. It didn't come back the next month but I learned I was going in the right direction. I followed this lifestyle for 3 months eating ~3000 calories before it came back again.
  • Oil as fat is recommended? I'm going to gain weight, right? Thanks for your help!:)
    • No, oil is not recommended!

      Unprocessed sources are much better! Nuts, peanuts and oatmeal for example.
      If we knew your current BMI it would be easier to make recommendations. The threshold where there's no period differs from individual to individual.

      If you are below 18 BMI, I would use that value as a minimum goal.

  • Have a look at some past posts on this topic as there is a ton of info on it.

  • Thanks!
  • More details are required to properly answer that.

    No period usually is a sign of you being in "fuel save mode", which means your calory intake is lower than what you would need.
    In order to prevent you from starving the body first deactivates functions like reproduction.

    If your overall calory-intake is sufficient, it might specifically be fat you are lacking, as those also play a role in hormone-balance. It's called 80-10-10, not 87-10-3.
    In this case eat a few more nuts or so.

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