Hello everyone! :) I'm just gonna get right to the point! I SERIOUSLY need help getting on & staying on the frugivore diet/Freelee's guidlines. I really wanted to do the January challenge but ended up failing the very first day. Of course I only eat vegan (duh) but that vegan junk food is a total downfall for me! SMH (shaking my head)! How to resist all foods other than the ones a frugivore is meant to eat?? I already have a few fruit meals I like but keep getting stuck somehow. Is it correct to feel like I need to go all in or nothing? I just wanna totally 100% eat the Frugivore way! Also please consider that I am 17 & live in an LA apartment with my parents/2 sisters. So I need to keep that in mind when storing things etc.


All the Frugivore Meals I Can Think of Right Now:

  1. Banana Nice Cream
  2. Green Smoothie
  3. Different Fruit Medley Smoothie

(Other than that I can't think of easy fruits to prepare & eat for one meal, for example where can I get good jackfruit & durian in bulk like Freelee??)


Freelee, it would be absolutely fabulous to hear from you!! :)  Idk how to tag you on here lolz

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