hungry before bedtime

I just wonder what you do if /when you get hungry before bedtime. Some days I get hungry and can´t fall asleep . I have tried to drink more warter but that is not always enough and feel the stress in my body until I finally go and eat a litlle fruits...... I have heard bananas are good to sleep on and it works for me with 1-2 bananas these days .....what do you do if you feel hungry after going to bed?. Is it so "bad" to eat a little to satisfied the bodys need ?I eat a bigger meal (salats and fruits) 4 hours before going to bed .

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  • your simply not getting enough calories during the day time. eat bigger breakfasts and lunch.

    i aim to go to bed 'light' but not ravenous.

    learn your caloric intake and what you need to sustain your ideal lifestyle. make sure you consume that amount of fruit calories ideally in daylight hours.
    • thank you all
      811 I have done little time (transist over some month) and I think you are right about the calories - eventhough I fell I eat lots of fruits and large bowl of salat with fruits in the evening .

      ....Yes Twitch yes I will try that too going to bed before getting hungry again :-)
  • oh you havne't eaten enough :)
    • mabe not sure . I feel pretty full after my evening dinner
      • well how long you u been doing 811? if you have only been doing 811 a little while, i don't think your stomach muscle has acquire the flexibility to eat enough calorie to fill you up for a long time.

        full as in cure hungry or full as in volume wise?
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