• I am happy more movies like tis have been coming out in the past years. It might not be HCRV but still it's the awareness we need.

    Because sooner or later they will hear about us and they will love it ;)

    Not to mention that we should do our own lifestyle promoting movie!

  • First baseline everything what is wrong...(make everybody mostly agree) have a bit of different popular speakers that have different opinions, but only let some of the opinion be shown...  Say things like fructose bad... carbohydrates bad...

    WTF (what the fruit) is wrong with fructose and glucose.... where is the science. Again with the sugar makes you fat, fat does not.... (its the opposite, biochemistry, its not so black and white btw)

    White refined sugar, bread and paste != sugar from whole fruits

    The documentation is full with conflicting information, it will make a novice watcher very confused on what to do! It does have a lot of good information but its a bit fragmented.

    I personally really dislike David Wolfe in the way he is selling his supplements and so called super foods, he is all about the money these days. Basically I think the whole video is about money to promote the speakers.

    The part about chemicals comes by very fast, but is very important, we are polluting our environment together with our bodies on such large scales, its alarming.

    I found Food Matters from 2008 to be better, but I guess this video will get some traction and hopefully get people to become more healthy, every step in the right direction is a good one, and there are multiple roads that lead to a more healthy lifestyle ;)

    My advice; dump all the processed food, do your shopping’s at farmer markets or similar. And people please... powders are not foods!

    "Drink up, carb up, sleep up... cos everyday is the day to live it up!"

  • oh your kidding me, david - so this doco is the pot calling the kettle black - why on earth would they go to that much effort  to film a load of lies, deception and garbage - now im PPPPPPPed - i know the answer to that - GREED & MONEY - to all that participated in it .... i smell a vegan boycot coming on.

  • Ohh ick, with what people are saying I don't know if I should waste my time on it... maybe out of curiosity to see what they say. I'm guessing I'll be disagreeing with it a lot... hmmm

    • You can watch it for free for a week. It has some nice info in it, but i find the advice on what to eat a bit not convincing. I have done a lot of juicing veggies. Long term it doesnt work

  • The most important for me: Does it promote a vegan diet? Thanks.

    • it looks like its heading that way doesnt it olive but im not sure - i reckon we have to wait till to comes out.

    • No, some talk about fish being healthy fat as well. Main focus is stop eating processed food. Juicing veggies is advised, very little talk about fruits. They have some impressive before and afters. What I always wonder: what do these people eat long term besides veggie juice?
      • +1   i just quested the same about john kohler noticing he works for a juice machine company and knowign the reason not to juice (we want the fibre)

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