i CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE, and i need help!

my parents are threatening to control what i eat out of the fear that i have an "eating disorder" even though i eat 2-3k calories a day, which is a ton for someone my size (5'3")
my dad is a mcdougall supporter, and has an obsession with whole grain. all the time, it's all i hear - "you need more whole grain, whole grain, blah blah EAT YOUR BREAD"

of course i don't. 
i need articles that talk about why grains are bad for you and how fruit does not spike blood sugar any more than bread does, and i can find plenty online, but not from reliable sources.

if i don't get some info to fire back at him, i'll be forced to eat oatmeal at breakfast, tofu sandwiches for lunch, and rice and beans at dinner.
i'm gonna cry. someone help me out of this. 

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  •  o dang this has been inactive for AWHILE lol. i notice this happens alot on this site?

    • i created the site in 2009, that's a looong time ago, there aren't many active forums maintaining for the conversation for that long and social media like YT,facebook and insta have taken over as the preferred forums. 

      • i guess i'm one of the few who doesnn't use those hoax sites anymore. it's all govt mind kontroLL.  not many post recent forums or stuff here either. let's get it goin again :)


  • it's your life, you need to take a stand and do what's best for you. don't be scared. speak your mind always, regardless of who they are. tell them they are wrong, and being vegan is the way of truth and spiritual goodeness.  My parents are still stubborn and refuse to admit eating and harming animals is bad, of they just don't care if it is, as well as most parents who are stuck in that drone program. even if they cut down ALOT and don't eat it at home in front of me, their ego still thinks it's ok to eat it outside the house.

  • hey i'm here if u want talk. i think good veganik grown pure bread is ok on occasion. don't always believe everything you hear online even from a vegan

  • I'll tell you something.

    Good parents will always do their best to protect their children. 'They think they know' how and whats best. It's also hard for them to express their feelings.

    You should feel important and appreciated, they love you.

    My parents(mostly my dad) were pretty close minded and controlling about my life (they actually still try even now that I'm 26 lol). So much that they made me cry till age 16, pretty hard on self esteem for a boy just trying to make is way through this confusing world. Came to a point where I realized it wasn't worth 'fighting back' anymore. I started nodding to them, even tho i wouldn't agree. My attitude toward them changed the situation.

    Now that I am a little older, I can see where all this struggle came from. I am grateful and I love them.

  • I definitely recommend Douglas Graham's 'Grain Damage'.  It's really informative and will help enlighten your dad about why grains aren't ideal for humans—they're essentially bird food.  If you're strapped for money or pressed for time, you could search online for a pdf file of the book (not sure if saying that is against the rules).  All the best to you ... and once you teach your father how bad grains are you can turn him on to fruit with 80/10/10.  An even simpler way would be to show him videos of people like Michael Arnstein and Ruth Heidrich who are athletic and experiencing supreme health with this lifestyle. 

  • thank you everyone<33

  • Another good book on this grain subject is "Against the grain: How agriculture has hijacked civilization" By: Richard Manning...

    It seems that modern agriculture has stolen and ruined our land and enslaved us all!

    Fight back! Plant fruit forests for the future generations!

  • Right now i am in the same situation as you, my mom already thinks that i am developing anorexia again. I was looking for a lot of reasons one af them: is that i will improve my vision and will not spend money on surgery, [but i will spent all of them for fruits ;) ],,, ; the second reason is that my periods will stop after a while on this diet. Periods are not healthy for womans, and healing of it , i use as a reason. But belive me, my mom doesn't really believes my reasons she says that i am fanatic, and trys to keep me away from her imaginary anorexia. .. But i am not going to give up , now i am feeling better then ever. :D

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