I cured my "hay fever"

I have only been on 30bad for 5 days now, and not even 100%. Slowly getting more and more fruit in + less of everything else.

What I realised a couple of days ago is that my "hay fever" which starts almost every morning was caused by my antipersperant/deoderant. Now even though this realization isn't directly because of the diet, the lifestyle enabled me to pay more attention to my body to notice.

So from having hay fever every morning for years and taking a zyrtek (antihistimine) every day, I have been hay fever free for the last few days just by switching deoderants! I feel so stupid for not realizing sooner and if this was the ONLY good thing I get out of this lifestyle then it would have been worth it. I can't wait for what happens next when I finally get 100% HCRV.


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