I love flies but not wasps

Let me explain.I always had a low opinion of flies! The big ones buzzed me and woke me in the morning.But how they love my freshly picked blackberries! Lovely small flies feasting on them and they find every which way to infiltrate your carefully conceiled bag of fruit!I love them fruit loving flies!

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  • haha, nice story Laura.
  • Those little guys seem to follow me wherever I go. I once was in the waiting room at the dentist and while the dentist was talking to me a fruit fly kept flying all around me. As we got up to walk to the door, don't you know the little bugger followed me there. I must have been the fruitiest thing in the office!
    They used to "bug" me but how can you stay mad at something with such good taste. I guess we are kindred spirits!
    • Lol! That fly must have sniffed out something yummy and irresistible. People who eat fruit smell sweet. :)
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