I need a little advice here.

I've been a vegan for a long time now and I know I will never go back to anything other than vegan, or anything cooked, and 2 days ago I started 80/10/10. I am reading the book. I have always drank plenty of water and am always plenty hydrated.. I also have no cravings for cooked food or anything other than fruit, and am very well disciplined in that aspect. Here's the problem.

I woke up this morning and had 2-3 glasses of water, before eating anything. I started first eating bananas and I could only fit 2 in my stomach with all of that water, and after that I tried to eat more because that wasn't nearly enough calories for breakfast, but everything just came up, and yes I vomited. I am not discouraged to quit, but my stomach I suppose has been shrunk from fasting and food deprivation in the past. I suppose seeing videos of durianrider eating banana after banana and seeing that everyone can fit large amounts of fruit in their tummies at a time just made me think i could do it too.

So the question is, is this something you have to work up to? Should I just eat bananas and other fruits throughout the day slowly and forget about "meals"?

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  • Yes, then you might be like me in regard to digestion and water management. 

    I can only drink about 2 cups of water in the morning, and I drink about 30 minutes before breakfast.  I also cannot eat on a dehydrated system as well. 

    I do not drink again until about 1-2 hours post meal, and I do this at every meal.

    Here is a nice blog post by DR in regards to the similar problem:


    Peace, PK

  • Yeah drink the water, wait at least 10 minutes or more, then start eating. You will gradually be able to eat more bananas as well, but with fasting and food deprivation, it will definitely take time.

  • Yeah i think the general consensus is to wait about 30 - 60 minutes between water and food... Also it takes a little while for your body to learn to stomach a lot of food if you aren't used to it, but fruit moves so easily through the gut that if you eat slowly you shouldn't feel too much discomfort - that's my experience at least.xx

  • Wait until the water empties out of your stomach to eat. 

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